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You walk into walmart and see this, what do?
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Submit to the mistress.
>You walk into japan and see this, what do?
Get a membership to their franchise and come back next Tuesday, very busy man.

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What kind of man must I become in order for the beautiful Chino-chan to fall in love with me?
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A man greater than anyone could ever hope to be. Chino's standards are so high that no man or woman will ever reach them.
inb4 a 400-post circlejerk between the same five Chino supporters
I want to have SEX with Chino-chan with>>158327940 anon watching!

I'm watching Haruhi for the first time ever.

I reached the endless eight. What the fuck is this shit.
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Endless Eight was not designed for fucking secondary newfags such as yourself to watch. It was meant to be watched as it was airing, once a week, every week, with no end in sight.
Your ability to enjoy it and the movie are hindered by your lateness and you deserve it.
>I'm watching Haruhi for the first time ever.
>in 2017
You new to anime?
go suck a cock, niggerfaggot

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Reminder that Accelerator loses to Touma 3 fucking times
Samon vs Yoshino was like the platonic ideal of an asspull fight.

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In recent seasons of anime, have animators been neglecting certain parts of lolis and over-emphasizing other parts?
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>recent seasons of anime
Yes they either give them boobs or a fat ass
FUCKING NIPS CAN'T EVEN DRAW LITTLE GIRLS RIGHT guess it's a side effect of low birth rate since no nips ever actually see children
You're forgetting the all-important おまんまん.

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Possible the most poorly written and absolutely wasted female character I've ever seen.
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dude, you're autistic.
You just TRIGGERED me, you ableist fuck!
No I just hate overhyped mediocre characters like her

What made attack on titan cool?

1. Mindless, human-devouring Titans with unclear or even nonexistent motivations
2. Badass 3D-maneuvering combat

Both rendered pointless in lieu of a political conflict revealed 3/4 into the story. Most titans have now been off-screened and pose no threat. Every death in season 1 now feels like it would have been pathetically easy to prevent.

God what a shitshow

>wahhh wahhh pleb anime
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People Transforming into titans and going in to a godzilla like brawl
It had those apocalyptic vibes and a method to fight the titans. Then the transformations and WW1 happened and it went to shit
>It had those apocalyptic vibes and a method to fight the titans
And it completely negated both of them. The hellish world they lived in has been explained and killing most titans is now pretty much a risk-free, done-deal.

Author had no fucking clue why people liked his manga. God damn.

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And now for chapter 218

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Is this show trying to encourage having sex with your 12 year old sister?
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Is it working?

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Who was in the wrong? Shinobu for killing people or Araragi for binding her to him?
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I dropped the series after the first season, can I understand the movies?
>Watch the movies

Why would you do this to yourself?
I thought they were good. Are they not good?

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I still can't get over the fact that Subaru chose Emilia over rem
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>chose emilia over rem
He didn't

[Rem: Say “I love you”...]
Rem spilled these words out with a faint, frail voice while looking up at Subaru.
In her vision which had become blurred by the swell of tears that gushed up, she saw Subaru shake his head. After that, Subaru brought his face close to her and said,
[Subaru: I love you(suki da)]
[Subaru: I love you(daisuki da). Isn’t that obvious...If you aren’t with me, I can’t live on…]
It was his true feelings. If you were to say that this was when he spilled everything out, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration and would be an accurate statement. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t come this far. If she were to disappear, he would not be able to live on.
[Rem: Ahhh...I’m happy…]
Accepting Subaru’s confession, Rem felt a tear alongside her closed eyes. Taking in Subaru’s words happily, her face quickly blushed. Soon after, it now really did seem that all power within her body had departed.
[Subaru: Wait…]
[Rem: I love you(aishiteimasu), Subaru-kun]
[Subaru:Don’t fuck with me, stay by my side. You’re going to leave me with regrets again!?]
Subaru could not bear to live in a near future where Rem would cease to exist. Along with knowing this fact since long ago, her existence still has become sooo much more important to him, compared to long ago. So,
[Subaru: In the future where I talk while smiling, I need you…I don’t want this]
[Rem: In that future, is it okay if I stay by your side?]
[Subaru: ….Isn’t the answer obvious? I won’t let you go to anyone else’s side.]
Wiping off her tears that were suspended on her eyelids, Subaru looked straight at Rem and said:
[Subaru: You are mine. I won’t let anyone have you.]

happened two days after ep 18, it was cut out of the anime
he chose both, but emilia will win in the end. he'll have to make a choice in the end.

Hunting for your dream is the best anime ED ever.
Prove me wrong
protip: you cant

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Hiyori Ittai was better
You were wrong last time you made this thread, and you still are. Don't need to prove you wrong again.

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Why do nips and Shueisha have shit taste?
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Rookies ended just right, as I recall. What are you talking about?
Morita is immune to being cancelled, he just decided to end it.
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>Rookies ended just right, as I recall.
It didn't. After Mikoshiba hits the grand slam, the next chapter has Mikoshiba just tell you everything that happens after the game then fast forwards to them about to play in the koshien. There was at least 5-10 more chapters they could have had just based on what they had in the last chapter. The oneshot afterwards only focused on Mikoshiba too, which was a bit sad.

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This is your daughteru's boyfriend tonight.
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That boy should go see a doctor, I don't think it's normal to have that growth on his chest, could be cancer.
>Kase-san gets a 5 minute OVA
>Citrus gets a full cour
Fuck this gay Earth

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Did they originally plan for season 2 to be longer?

Looking back it feels odd just how many characters with unique names and designs they introduced only to barely have them do anything.
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This is a plus trust me.
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>Marika Soresi
I always thought this character was odd.

She shows up for two seconds, calls out the name of another minor character from the first season who she was apparently related to, and then immediately dies.

It seemed like such a random familial connection to establish between two characters we barely knew.
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>one line

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