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Why didn't he pull the trigger /a/?
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Are you so sure he didn't?
Performance anxiety?
But he did

This is what a fourth wheel (in a tricycle) looks like.
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>this is what a four wheeled unicycle looks like
yeah i don't understand why they had to shove gabriel in there either
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Sex with Satanichia!

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A gag manga about how pathetic Mami is for being single and pretending to have a boyfriend when she's in her 30s.

>Homura is married to Madoka's brother
>Sayaka is married to Kyosuke and has 2 kids
>Kyoko is married and has a daughter
>Madoka gets married in chapter 2

Supposedly the best selling series from Kirara Magica. It's still running in Kirara Forward.

Shinbo got an angry reaction from some staff when he said he wanted to make it into an anime.

Would you have liked to have seen it made?
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>an angry reaction from some staff
Is it because of their own situation?
Is it translated?

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Do You find him irritating in the first few episodes?
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I found him annoying almost the whole show because he kept denying Rem
>in the first few
I dropped the show because of his disco stance stupidity

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Can an Akimoto-backed Idol Anime with Yukiko Horiguchi as character designer save the industry now that Yamakan has been kicked from WUG?
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>Possibly A1
>Horiguchi designs

This thing will probably sell over 50k average,
A time may come when the Age of Idol Anime comes crashing down but it is not this day.

This day we sing.
Why was Yamakan kicked out?

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Did Naruto really rip off HxH?
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Kishimoto was very influenced by Togashi.
Anyone who claims that Naruto ripped of HxH and not the other way around, explain to me why it's HxH that has constant hiatuses, not Naruto. Wouldn't it be the copycat that would need to give the other writer more time to advance the story before being able to continue ripping it off?

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why is her long hair version so superior?
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wish she would've kept it this long in the anime

Fuckin Kyon
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Because you get longer ponytails. I like ponytails.
I haven't watched the anime and I've only read the first two books. Does Kyon come across as a horny motherfucker in the anime too?

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For instance, why do characters constantly talk to themselves to remind the audience of what's going on?

Is this just an accepted quirk of the medium or is it just bad writing?
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Just lurk /a/ for a month and you'll notice how even the obvious shit gets missed all the fucking time.
what do you mean?
read manga, it tends to avoid this

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>Atom - The Beginning 08
Time for Tournament arc. So far the best episode and a great adaptation of the manga.
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>Reach in, turn key and pull pilot out leaving his trousers.
6 you are bantz.
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So when do you guys think SNK Season 3 will happen?
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In 4 years
8 years for 6 episodes all animated in CGI
The year is 20XX

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When will people accept this was a good series with lots of promise?
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Never, because it wasn't. I'm glad it got axed.
>under 19 chapters
Enjoy your stale retreads.

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Watched, expected, got thread
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watched expected got.png
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The app is Taiga
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I don't like taigas. They make lots of noise and eat cute girls.
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I spend more time honing my japanese skills.
between 0 and 5

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was he an asspull?
moreover was everyone in berserk an asspull?
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Please tell me you're high and not actually this retarded
a jobber
he is a jobber
Donovan sure pulls a lot of asses

How many cocks do you think she sucked to get ahead in her career?
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As many as it took, anon.
Just one or two if she played her cards right
If she was dumb enough to be taken advantage of (if you've seen the anime you know this latter to be the case) they probably dicked her up and down at the weekly onsen visits.
Honestly I get how they're trying to make her look committed, but when what she did has nothing to do with displaying talent it's more about being desperate and tactless.

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