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Holy shit, this show blows OPM out of the fucking water
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>tips fedora
It's like One Punch Man with actual conflict instead of the illusion of conflict resolved by memes
I'm glad there's no complaints about what I said. OPM was abysmal compared to this show.

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What purpose do Orcs serve in Japanese anime and manga?
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They replace black people?
Historically, mooks for bad guys. More recently they've been afflicted with the Moe Virus, turning them from hardcore brutal rape-warriors who unsheathe their dicks in battle into lovable pig men.

Primarily, this is because of Minecraft. Zombie Pigmen have endeared themselves to Japanese players for whatever reason.
Or Portuguese.

so how long is this gonna be?
this is pathetic and sad
are they ever gonna turn back on their site?
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>are they ever gonna turn back on their site?- 0 post shown.
I hope so. I hate having to seed now. I want to leech.
works fine for me
They'll invite people eventually, it's your own fault for not making an account while you could.

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ITT : Characters you should have to be able to recognize to post on /a/
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Have you even been here for a month you fag
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You have to recognize her to post on 4chan
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It should be literally forbidden to browse /a/ without having watched K-ON at least once.

Was she actually smoking? We see her with lit cigarettes multiple times but we never see her actually take a drag.
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You know, I actually kinda liked S2.

It wasn't as good as S1 by any means, but seeing Akane and Gino's character growth was cool.

Akane went from "unwaveringly sane" to "unbreakable punching bag" and Gino was just his dad but without any of the charm. And neither showed any character change through the season. They were the same people in e11 they were in e1.
there was a scene where she literally said she doesn't smoke, she just likes the smell

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Ora! Koko diyo!
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I am here for the job m'am
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Muh aura sharpness
Muh aura colour
Muh bangs
Muh hair
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Dles Toei have a gaping mouth fetish?

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Is there a more up to date power chart /a/?
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Saitama kills all of them with one punch.

Discussion over.
>Kumagawa that high
I think you mean, "Is there a more objective version?"

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Why aren't you reading the Crusader Kings 2: The Manga?
Also anime and new official artbook soon.
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Is this similar to Arslan?
less magic, more politics and intigrue
only magic is happening in altair is gunpowder btw

Are you telling me that she was ready to end her relationship with the MC just because her best friend started ignoring her? Isn't this forced drama?
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I'm guessing that you're the same guy from yesterday's Molester Man hate thread
Why are you so hung up about this series anyway?
Did it hit some nerves?

I'll repost this every time you make this thread

Feel free to do so. Likewise, I'll keep on shitting on a flawed wish fulfillment greentext story that doesn't deserve the praise it gets here.
Why so much Molester Man discussion lately?

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based /sp/ chapter again

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Is there anything sexier?
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Anything that has a story that gets somewhere
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Honestly I thought Oka was cuter.

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Happy mating times with #1
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What would be the correct course of action?

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How can you fix dumpire?
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With hugs if she does a good job and studies.
I missed this show. I think I'm gonna go rewatch it now.
You should. Maybe I should too.

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Anna and Ichiya are alive hahahah
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Hiro needs to be lynched
Worst Mangaka of all time
So much for the "sacrifice". Made me think of the anon last week, who thought that Fairy Tail would need to sacrifice themselves to defeat Acnelogia.

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>Jirou 7th
>Uraraka 10th
My fucking sides. Best grill beats the main girl of the cast, besides appearing very little in the manga. Based japs.

Post more popularity polls that you didn't expect.
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The poll is controlled by fujoshi. They just saw Jirou and got confused.
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Confused about what? She totally looks like a girl, she even has boobs.
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>She totally looks like a girl, she even has boobs.

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