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What an ass pull
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Anon delete this right now or else you'll get her killed.
ass pull is what this series is about anon

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fav female character
fav male character
fav arch
fav song
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I never saw slayers
it's never too late
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Hellmaster arc
Going History

Why are there so many Mexicans in anime?
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Obvious b8 thread, and I'm mexican too.
>and I'm mexican too.

Prove it
Yasutora isn't Mexican.
He is Japanese.

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Is it me or pic related is just a glorified harem anime?
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All the harem girls don't even meet in a single episode.
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What's glorified about it?

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New manga "Chihaya-san's Fine That Way / Chihaya-san wa Sono Mama de Ii" was picked up by Kirei cake
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Looks cute.
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Is Mumi a well designed character or just a plot device?
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She's a shitty friend killer and thus worst girl.
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Her PLOT is well-designed, all right.
Mami died too early before she was able to do anything like training future magical girls.

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I'm at soup
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that pussy's got my head protection!
>last video was 2 years ago
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What store are you in.jpg
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What do you mean, you're at soup?

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Are female homosexuals ruining anime?
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It's saving anime.
No u r
The future is yuri.

It's so obvious.

last episode is out lads

what do you think will we get another season?

do you even WANT a new season of this series
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Im glad it is over
I've gotten used to the CGI for the most part. What I can't stand is the shot composition. I wish they'd quit using sweeping shots for everything.
>last episode
It's not the last episode.

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There once was a man named Gold Roger who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said:
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>his favorite anime only has 1 season
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>his favorite anime has 0 seasons
But it has two, anon.
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>his favorite anime only has 8 seasons

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/a/, if I don't care for the mecha genre, will I be able to make it through Evangelion? I know it's rated all high and has a cult following, so it has to be decent, but I really don't care for things like Gundam and giant robots fighting.

Will this alone put me off from being able to watch it?
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Honestly, it's very 90s, and suffers from "Hitchcock syndrome", or "thematic trickle-down", in that it was so influential on subsequent works that it seems cliche and outdated to younger audiences as a result.

But it's an objectively good series with lots to love. If the interpersonal drama and gut-wrenching suspense don't grab you in a few episodes, just drop it.
Ebingelion isnt a war story like Gundam, the entire plot and setting is contrived to showcase the psychology of the characters.
The difference between Eva and other mecha shows like Gundam is that the fights in other shows feel quite meaningless. Each fight in Eva is filled with context and emotional weight, and the show uses them as an opportunity to learn more about the characters rather than showing action for the sake of action. It's a psychological drama disguised as a mecha show.

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>this little cutie shows up in the mail
What do?
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Draw gang rape doujins of her
>tfw amputee fetish

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I miss this dork and her adorable smile.
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When's the new volume aaaaaa
New season soon.
What? This garbage actually got a S2? I thought the ratings had plumbeted after the second episode and the shit had sub-par sales.

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>Game mechanics

I just want another Gun Gale Online
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They'd rather blow yen on sword fights and magic bolts that make things go boom.
Technically they blew all their yen on sword fighting against bullets, which is not all that different animation wise.
>MMO stats
>on an FPS
Never fails to make me laugh.

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