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What went wrong with Eva's singularity compared to Magi's version
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Not enough ruses
Not enough best boy.
Where is the fucking wedding reeeeeee

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This is it.
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How can one person be so wrong?
Fuck both of you.

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devilman crybaby key visual.jpg
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This is gonna rock
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Spring 2018
>flash animation
/a/ has a lot of irrational hate toward Yuasa OP, don't be expecting any quality discussion in this thread

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Undeservedly at that.
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but she got Red in the end no?
>Misty winning the Red
No, she doesn't have a chance. Its either gonna be Yellow or Blue

And anime Misty lost to Serena
>lost to Serena
>Serenafags still delusional

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it was just a prank bro.jpg
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So what will happen when their kid ask how daddy met mommy?
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Did Subaru have a kid with Ram?
>I met her in elementary school and I teased her because daddy was kinda stupid at that time.
Yes, Ram is best girl.
shouya's wife is nao

Don't mind me. Just sitting at the sidelines while everyone is distracted and my mother's weakness is exposed clearly while I wield a seastone gun.
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Wasn't it some special candy coated bullet?
Yeah I could be wrong

Why do girls in anime/manga always say "no" yet end up kissing and/or leglocking the guy?

Does no mean yes in Japan?
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>Why do girls always say "no" yet end up kissing and/or leglocking the guy?
>Does no mean yes?
Fixed for accuracy.
It's because Japan is racist against women so when they say no, no one bothers to listen.
rape is like saying hello in japan

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What do you think of Cat Soup?
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pretty popular in china and korea
not so much in japan
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Japanese South Park
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would you eat a clinically depressed neko?

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The hard times have only just begun
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Jun needs to tell the hyena to fuck right off, as she should.
Nothing happens?
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carol fucking dies.png
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>giving up anytime soon

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I just finished the last coiple episodes of Evangelion. I am so god damn confused right now. It lost me around episode 20 something and I was never able to catch back up. What the fuck did I just watch? Someone explain the ending please it was so confusing. Not just the last episode, all of those episodes from like 20 to 26. There were flashbacks and interior monologues and I just couldn't follow any of it.
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Anyone? I have absolutely no fucking idea what I just watched. It didn't make any sense.
watch the movies, death + rebirth and End of evangelion
If you don't understand what happened then you don't understand life.

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As sad as her backstory is you have to admit she is a bit overrated
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I think she's rated just fine. She played her part, and she was not simply forgotten either in universe or out of it. Seeing Madoka and Sayaka mourning her was a real powerful moment.

>not homura
Homura's entire story arc is thrash, backstory included.

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Dunno if someone did it before, but I'm dumping chapter 25.
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What was the first anime you ever saw?

What was the first manga you read?

How deep into your addiction are you (figurines, 100s of mangas, loss of friends, etc.)?
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Weed is a gateway drug of the worst kind.
>first animu
Naruto I'm sorry

>first manga
See above

>how deep
Currently trying to learn nihon
>gateway drug

D.A.R.E pls spread lies elsewhere

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Strongest gundam ever?
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No. It's not even broken compared to other Gundams and no Gundam will be the most powerful ever as long as the Turn A exists.
G-Reco is canon 500 years after Turn-A and the G-Self perfect pack is literally the Turn-A but better.
No. It just has a strong laser. Hell, the Freedom and Strike Freedom probably overpower it.
That's not taking into account the fucking insane ones like G-Self Perfect Pack, Crystalized Unicorn, and Dark History Turn A.

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Or any Korean manga/manhwa?
PS you read it left to right
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I like it but can't get hyped about it with such slow releases. I also love the current arc but it kills me to see a character fall in such cute love when I know it's not gonna end well.
Happy about the recent release. Been close to a year.
I think it's the only Manhwa I read (other than the porn ones occasionally) wish The Breaker wasn't on Hiatus
>yfw the Hiatus much like the part 2 length runs longer than expected

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