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Rikidou Satou appreciation thread
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Sugar Nigger deserves his own arc
Him and like 4 other people hardly interact with the class when they do group activity. What was the point of even including them?

>beating the shit out a little kid
Why is he such a dick?
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>a dick
Modern parents fail at the most basic parenting rules, which is to make and uphold clear rules. We are heading for a major societal problem because as these children are growing up.
Beating a kid a few times is sure better than never saying "no" at all.
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He wanted that Coralian pussy but Renton got it instead.
Japanese are fucked up. News at 11.

Beating up a kid just makes them resent you.

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This can only end in a threesome, right?
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Anon stop lying to yourself.
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Think about it. They're two dimensional. But somehow, they're still able to do so.
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Make a small cut in two square papers, then slide both of them together.
But that's 3D?
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Another case example. Observe.

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Heaven or hell?
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Is there no option for atheists?
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Non believers go to hell. Lolis are angels and belong in heaven. There are only old hags and cowtits where you're going.
I would be careful posting such a thing here anon. You never know.

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Juno won't do anything bad to the bunny, will she?
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Canines should be forbidden.
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She almost broke Louis' wrists - imagine what will she to do Haru.
Dispose of her and get a good deal for her body in the ghetto

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This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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raita's a pretty nice artist
Anorexia nervosa is not healthy, anon.
How can people like Raita's art?

I've fucking told you, she doesn't want to see you!
Now please leave her alone.
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And I fucking told you to stop addressing me so casually. Who the hell do you think you are!?
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who is this and why are they there
But I'm here to see you.

Why do we hate NTR again?
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Daily Reminder 2017 is the year of NTR.
its a thing for betas and not for /a/lphas
We do?

Hey Junon Boy! When are ya gonna pound my tight loli pussy?!
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Some people seem to think that the manga might be slowly going that way actually
Thats a girl?

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this is gonna have a happy ending, right

tell me it has a happy ending
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Anon, I ...
Actually it does, given the premise of the story it was the most happy ending you could have made out of that.
there are going to be errors

"The volume picks up from the confession in the previous volume, where Masamune asks Sagiri to marry him. Masamune declares that he had planned to propose to Sagiri when their dreams finally come true. Sagiri is startled for a moment, but then tells Masamune that it’s too early for them to marry since she’s only 13."
"Sagiri continues by confessing her feelings to Masamune and starts tearing up while thanking Masamune for his love towards her. Sagiri asks Masamune to go out with her and marry her someday, to which he agrees. Sagiri starts thinking about the way she’ll refer to Masamune from now on, but ultimately settles for “Masamune”. The story continues on to the days they spend together as lovers, from thinking about the name of their future children and making online orders together as a date. "
"While both Elf and Muramasa have expressed their best wishes for Masamune and Sagiri’s relationship, they don’t seem likely to give up on Masamune."
"Masamune and Sagiri seems to be engaged by the epilogue, with Masamune consulting Megumi about giving an engagement ring and another present for Sagiri."

Details: https://magnavalon.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/eromanga-sensei-volume-9-sagiris-newlywed-life/
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Your a faggot.
the author is a faggot
What was the secret with the Aunt about?

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this bitch used everyone just to put herself above all humanity, even her own family. this will always make my autism rage
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Alternative reality story where Shinji and Gendo pair up to beat up this fucking hoe when?
>Gendo "pussy instead of family" Ikari
didn't she protect her son ?at least that means she still love her family at

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Who would win?
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The issue with Griffith saying he's a master tactician is this: his whole strategy usually revolves around sticking Guts in the middle of a few hundred dudes and saying "have fun bye". It doesn't even improve later on, because his troops are monsters - they just wouldn't lose regardless of what he told them to do.
Assuming equal army

Reinhardt > Griffith > Oscar
The strategy behind Griffith's most notable victory honestly came down to baiting an older man who lusted after him

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Season 3 when?
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Hopefully never
Never ever
When people forget about it

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