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I want to kiss Felis and make out with him!
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Silly faggot. Dicks are for chicks.

I have theorized that there is in fact an anime space relief fleet of potentially hundreds of millions of ships ready to enter our universe from their own, only missing contact from us to give them the cooridinates of our location within the multiverse/our relative time.

This is based off the theory of an infinite multiverse. If we find a way to channel a message to them the anime relief fleet will come and free us from whoever are the powers that really be.

Are there any Anime True theoretical phycisists here to help us out?
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We'll have to contact them through a warp space between 2D and 3D.
Bump for the destiny of mankind
Do you think they know that we fap to them?

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What do people mean when saying "Trigger literally saved anime!"
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Probably because they consistently put out lighthearted and humorous shows that can also get serious/emotional when needed or something I don't know.
Kill la kill: 8, 9 if it's your taste
Little witch academia: 7, 8 if it's your taste, but poor writing quality control

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Which Hinako would you Note?

Pic related, patrician taste.
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good taste op
That isn't the landlord.
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Konata is an old hag, she is like 27 now.

ITT: ""Villains"" who unironically did NOTHING wrong
except try to kill the babe PM
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In a thread full of murderers and rapists, this guy will trigger more people than anyone else
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What great read for just one day
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Muh we can became friends because i save you from braindwash
I want kill you but i lose, we can became friends now and will help you
Demon : i will control your body
Idiot : you cant because i am idiot
Idiot win demon cant control his body

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>this is getting another movie

What did we do to anger god?
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So long as there's more Satone and/or Kumin God's still in his heaven and all's right with the world.
>What did we do to anger god?
touch yourself
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>not wanting more Kumin

I wish Scum's Wish was scummier.
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I wish it wasn't bad.
Dropped in the next to last episode, I wasn't able to endure a show that shitty anymore.
Here's how I know you're a virgin.

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What should I expect?
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A wonderful little children's series about five witches fighting against evil.
A steaming turd.
Death and despair.

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I just want your opinion, I think it was pretty good.
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a castrated pet

Poor K1. Eternally cucked by his own waifu.

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is this a good anime
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It's alright

At one point an octopus holds a werewolf at gunpoint and has an existential crisis while guilt-eating centipedes crawl around in his brain.
Hunter x Hunter is too deep for you. None of you truly understand what this anime is about. Some say its a deconstruction of shonen, or say it's about depression. Both are wrong. Hunter x Hunter is a deconstruction of anime itself. Togashi did something truly genius with this show nobody has ever done in any other anime, perhaps any other medium in general. He ripped off a bunch of truly great anime, but then made it as bad as possible (Yu Yu Hakusho was the prototype for this). One element of this is present in the characters Gon & Killua. Togashi took the best boy Gon Killua from another anime and split him between too giant piles of shit known as Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck. Hunter x Hunter is truly deconstruction in its purest form.

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Be honest - is this truly the greatest love story ever told?
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No. Ryuuji is only slightly more interesting than the average harem MC with a shoehorned sob story in the final episodes, while Taiga's development and characterization are awful and she's an unsympathetic character. Ami was based though.
I'm partial to Anna Karenina myself

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Why don't we hear about them anymore?
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They range from mediocre to shit after 2010.
Because they are mostly dead
They made enough money with OPM to just go to vacations, and they are coming back for OPM S2 so get ready.

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Chapter 3 when?
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>Tags; NTR, interracial, group, aheago, impregnation
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Nanashi is the most dynamic porn artist in history. Few people jump between genres and those that do either suck at it or still tend to keep their habits and try to shoehorn their go-to fetishes in all of their works.
Then comes this faggot, starts off with girls gettimg fucked silly by monkeys, then does the sweetest zero bullshit vanilla doujin in history then draws one of, like, 9 honest to god femdom mangas in history and then jumps back to girls gettimg fucked by pigs Morning Calm-style.

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What's Sakaki's secret to being so cool?
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Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
>Intense eyes
>Big boobs
>Good at sports

This girl needs to make 20 babies, for the sake of Japan's future
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She's tall and she doesn't talk a lot.
So people assume the best of her.

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