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Name a worse anime/manga MC.

>hundreds of chapters later
>still has the same loser personality he had in the first chapter

I know a lot of people will mention some generic harem MC but most harem anime and manga don't last as long as KHR did and are fanservice oriented, having an action series this long with a wimp MC that never stops acting like a little piece of shit is unforgivable in my view.
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It should have ended after the intial ring arc.
It should have never stopped being a gag manga
The first ring arc was pretty fucking great in my opinion. Hibari down gola mosca in one hit was hype

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>ok ill kill my family and all my relatives haha
excuse me but what
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They were all evil and planning to revolt except the kids, and he wasn't 100% sure about the kids but he let Sasuke live anyway.
His only crime was not finishing the job.
I doubt the revolt would have been effective if an angst-filled teenager can stop every participant single-handedly.

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Currently downloading all of Symphogear. What am I in for?
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Bikki doesn't die at the end of S1.
Swan songs don't really kill people, unless your name is Kanade.
Chris is best girl.
A decent first season, an awesome second season, and an awful third season.
I dunno I never finished it

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Is this consistently good? I'm thinking of getting into it but it's like 800 god damn episodes plus a bunch of movies and I can't imagine the quality and mysteries being kept up for so long.
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You don't need to feel compelled to finish it just because you've started it. Try it out and drop it if you don't like it.
Basically, if you love mysteries, you'll find it addictive.

Early series do the cases better, each feeling like a story with proper tension build ups. Late series have the cases taking a background and it's more about the overarching plot that gets developments alongside the cases.
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>his waifu isn't /fit/
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Enjoy your trip to snap city you dumb hag. I'll stick with Hime.
>his waifu has 0 doujins

I had fun during the last one, so I'm starting another.

ITT: Poorly described anime.

>a boy survives a suicide bombing and is forced from his hometown by war. He becomes a postal worker to make ends meet.
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>a little girl runs into a lion and decides to leave Earth
>the lion is actually a ghost

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Why is Panty&Stocking on there? It's just shit.
>Animation is an inferior media and shouldn't aim for stylistic greatness
>Animation is an inferior media and shouldn't be allowed to tackle serious themes
Your American is showing.

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This is a pretty interesting manga and I love it. He'll turn over a new leaf when he confronts Jagasaki right?
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>edgier Parasyte is interesting
main villain, most likely. he'll become a serial rapist with a harem of mindbroken bitches and he'll probably target police girl at some point.
>being able to mind break any woman
>sex allows the frog to transfer its offsprings, creating several fracture humans
>he can control them and even create an army
How horrifying

Where were you when the boring tsundere won the Negibowl?
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Eh, who cares after so many years, I'm more interested who Konoka and Setsuna married to get such clone grandkids.
That's a Red Herring, I'm 101% sure.

He obviously liked Asuna.
are you a brainlet?

they were an obvious yuri-pairing.

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Thoughts on Chinapussy?
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Best girl.
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China a shit no matter how much she spreads her legs.

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Who did call for Cobra, though?
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The rest of Oracion Seis probably. Excluding Brain, even when they were evil they were still genuinely friends with each other.
> suddenly Natsu
I didn't know what I expected

I can't wait for Nakama Dragon Slayer magic hack.

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And then Oniisama becomes a legend
[順位] [販売数] [映画作品タイトル名]
 *1 *16129 劇場版 魔法科高校の劣等生 …
 *2 *13432 こどもつかい
 *3 **6785 22年目の告白-私が殺人犯で…
 *4 **5110 美女と野獣
 *5 **4999 昼顔
 *6 **4512 キング・アーサー
 *7 **2045 花戦さ
 *8 **1843 家族はつらいよ2
 *9 **1356 TAP THE LAST S…
 10 **1309 KING OF PRISM …
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小笠原の空にオーロラが。ここでキモウト懇親の 「さすがです、お兄様!!!」
The madman did it

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Uh, guys
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>SnK takes place in Africa
>No niggers

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Mangastream translation is up.
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>mera was alive

Is it time for a mealtdown?
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