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I don't get it
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Wanna know how I know you're a newfag at life?
>le epic he's a robot but nobody realizes animu
It's shit, don't bother trying to understand it
Hm hm hmhm hmhmhmhm hmhmhmhm hmmmmm

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why is this forced drama so highly praised? the brother basically killed his sister because he was too proud to live with the aunt and too stupid to live on his own.
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That's the point though.
This guy is right, that's what it's about, retarded pride
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Hotaru (Fireflies).png
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>forced drama
It's based off a true story.

Precure thread
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What is Precure and why should I care about it?
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Any Yayoifriends here? i still love her.
Fuck off.
I like her and her obsession with heros of justice!

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What are your thoughts on this /a/?
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there is nothing that would stop me from having sex with kuro until I died
That I need to fap to Kuro right now
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Chocolate or vanilla?

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Looks like the Acher got cockblocked and they reveal who are the Kall.
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Keep them coming anon.
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I liked Attack on Titan better when it was an apocalyptic horror story with vague cosmic horror undertones. Now we are just left with Nazis again (in the form of the Marleyans).
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Endgame right here, brothers.
>with vague cosmic horror undertones
What in the seven fucks
Also, the ww1 era tech was hinted at since utgard.
>horror story with vague cosmic horror undertones
When was that? When did that happen?

It didn't happen. You projected your own desires onto it.

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i just started watching this.
I hope nothing bad happens to her, she doesn't deserve this suffering.
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Don't worry anon she gets to be awesome eventually
dumb mutt
OP, drop this right now. LN author is a hack that likes to brutally kill off cute innocent girls just for the sake of edgyness. With that said, she dies.

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has Cowboy bepop comes out in theaters yet?
Hollywood tripe is not /a/-related.

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Pic related
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Here's a fresh one.
In retrospective

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The MC of the last anime you watched's replaced by Wishbone, what happens?
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A dog is stalked by a pink yandere as he tries to protect his cell phone.
Wishbone pilots a mobile suit and, with the help of Char Aznable, wins a war but becomes a retard.
It gets cuter.

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asterisk war.png
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How do we fix Asterisk War?
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Remove pink houki
Remove Ayato 2.0
Make Claudia the main girl
Make Ernesta, Sylvia and Chinese loli the rest of the main cast.
More Sylvia, more Saya, more Kirin, more Fan, more Ernesta, more Dirk, less everyone else.
Turn into a parody of the battle school harem genre. It already has all the traits of a parody except the self-awareness.

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gungrave 26.png
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Can we discuss Asuna's changing tit size?

Sometimes she seems flat, other she seems bigger than Sugu. Actually the LN says both are the same size.
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Heh, tiddies
Post more examples anon.
Natural adaptation to being a slut.

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RE=L best girl! How can other girls even compete?

Also Glenn confirmed no blue Jesus.
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Find a flaw.
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Re=L a shit. A SHIT.

Celica a best. A BEST.
>oh no he has TULPAS

Why is Glenn such a faggot? How many times did Leos cum inside Sisti's pussy after he bitched out?

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Spoilers are out.
We wait for the new chapter
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Thoughts on the tournament arc?
Can Galan protect his waifu?
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>she was only thinking about how much she wanted to **** Meliodas this whole time

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