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Is Araragi a lolicon?
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>try to molest snail and young Hanekawa


He's a siscon, just go and list all the things he's done to them

Snail doesn't count

Was she best girl after all?
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What the fuck are you talking about?

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305 days later and I'm STILL mad.
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I would have liked to seen this animated.
I really hope we get TYBW animated.
If not only for a few keen moments that would be fucking great in motion.
there's something wrong with you then
fucking let go

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what's worse being up there or down there?
at least they can still breath down there
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dead thread
dead batou
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Uh what a coincidence I also wanted to make a thread about this chapter
Don't worry anon, I'm gonna help you to keep this thread alive
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I'm gonna dumping the chapter
You guys can talk about whatever you want as long as it's Gintama related by the way

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So it is official. Plas would win against Luffy
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No shit.

Plastic man is a gag character.
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Plastic Man is what Luffy will inevitably become
It's impossible to defeat cartoon physics

Since when memeshit like that count as "official"?

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Friendly reminder.
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All the series in the hahaha section are garbage though, so what are you on about?
Only fat boys with gyno care about moeshit
Everything in this picture is trash. How about another season of One Punch Man?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I not only hate it but also hate every anon posting in this thread
except the ohana anon
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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Patrician tastes only
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Rev girl is gay as fuck, anon.
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Very cool, very smart.
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Where were YOU when Eromanga Sensei saved anime AGAIN
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>My little sister can't be this cute gets a second season effectively
>Better anime don't have more seasons
Why even live?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
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>current year
>not living for Kirino's smile
shiggy diggy
Wasn't Eromanga supposed to be years after Oreimo?

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Rumor has it that Owarimonogatari season 2 is going to be delayed since we have no air date or PV yet. With 2 more weeks till Summer season it doesn't look good. Zaregoto was delayed and SHAFT has a movie coming out in August. With 3 gatsu in the fall and Fate in the winter its a disater.
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Good. Shaft got their priorities straight and are focusing on Sangatsu and Fate instead of stale haremshit.
I mean, is anybody even surprised?
>delay season
>gets a bump in visuals
This is good news

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Let's talk about the """""ending"""""""""""""

Only one subplot was resolved (Cindy and the scientists') and it was resolved in the most anti-climactic way possible. Literally nothing else was resolved. Gouro's still a little cuckboi, Isogaki is on the road to becoming a friendless otaku, Sanae will still never have her love reciprocated, nobody knows jack shit about Ika's origins or what exactly she is, Ika never even straight out said she wants to be part of eiko's family, Nagisa still hasn't proved shit, and NOTHING has changed. ANd what the fuck is Ika gonna do now? Go to school? How does she get citizenship? So much wasted potential. So much fucking wasted potential. The anime had a better fucking ending than this. The anime's PLACEHOLDER ending was better than the real ending.

You gotta be fucking squidding me. I feel so empty right now, like I was betrayed.
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Blame the author. She was doing this for the last ten years, maybe she got bored from it
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It's sad.

Cindy just leaving was really sad.

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Why does /a/ never talk about Sakura Quest? Also Yoshino sama is best girl.
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because it's not Wednesday
because it's even worse all of the imaginary loli/waifu thread. its literally only fun for nippon people. (0 humor, specific Japanese country issues etc.)
You have to live in that country to find its issues interesting? You better tell all those people that are so butthurt over syria to chill out.

Sorry to interrupt Sagiri Saturday

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give shinji hair, /a/
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Someone needs to give him Yugi Moto's hair.

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Hey, those background characters look pretty interesting. They should make a series about them.
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The blonde one looks like she is the worst girl to be ever created.
I bet doujins of her being abused by fat faceless men would be great
A lazy reference in a series designed to force memes becomes a meme, because it is adapted by gullible /a/nons who would have guessed ?

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