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Hey /a/, what is the worst show you've ever seen?

>pic related
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Fuck off, newfag.
HSotD, Elfen Lied or NGE were all pretty shitty

Dream Eater Merry was a giant clusterfuck, but that's because the terrible directing/production

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>smile status:
>[ ] protected
>[ ] not protected
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where did you get it?
gib pics of our boy pls
please link

>created to appeal to men
>vastly more popular with women
Any other animes that grabbed a completely unintended audience?
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Gochuumon. It was intended for adult men, but only little girls watch the show.
Any magical girl show

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>anime/manga where everyone has a bunch of widely varying creative powers
>the mc's power is just "punches hard"

why does this keep happening?
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Because Gon is just a child
Because pounding Shitou's head into oblivion is still the best thing in HxH.
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how many series do it?

>jojo part 3
>naruto (can create clones but just uses them to punch hard)
>one piece (is rubber just uses it to punch hard)
>snk (until he uses coordinate but even then it's extremely restricted)
>boku no hero

>mfw Dragon ball super is still shit

What went wrong?
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Toriyama didn't get to cancel the series after Frieza saga like he wanted to
He should have cancelled after the king piccolo saga in DB.
I REALLY hope this shit becomes non canon

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It's Saturday, and yet again time to party all night with your fellow /a/nons!
Post gif/webm of dancing anime grills

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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Shimo plays normie shit, don't bother.
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funkot hard.gif
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New series produced by Sunrise in Young Magazine 3rd


It seems Attack on Titan clones are going to be the next big thing (baddum tsh).

Plot seems to be that all under 18 year olds are placed on an island away from the rest of the world because of some sort of terrorist incident. MC has just turned 18 and in the graduation ceremony everyone gets killed by a bunch of giant people who pick up all the kids and throw them into a vat of acid. MC gets saved at the last second by a person piloting a 'giant' robot.

Is /a/ interested?
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>everyone gets killed by a bunch of giant people who pick up all the kids and throw them into a vat of acid
I haven't seen gore this silly since the bunny blender.

Bunny blender was the first thing that sprung to mind too. Sometimes you've just got to laugh at seinen trying it's hardest to be shocking.

I like the way they absentmindedly crush a bunch of them two getting blood and guts over their hands. I don't care how little they mean to you, that shit would be gross.
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>you will never a cake 30 times your height

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Are the rumours true?
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Yes, you do suck copious amounts of dicks.
I've seen many girls fuck dogs on the internet and the deep web. And I don't even look for that kinda stuff. So it wouldn't surprise me if Yui did.
Can that be dangerous somehow ? (asking for a friend)

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Where does Snufkin actually go to every winter? The only time I remember him being asked this he replied with "That's a big secret, Moomin"
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He actually dies.
The Snufkin that "returns" is his son.
Snufkins have a life expectancy of 12 months.
>Snufkins have a life expectancy of 12 months
prove it
In the books he says he goes "south" to a warmer climate, like geese.

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Sasami-san is the best for me.
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That's forbidden love, yo.
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I like the opening

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Who is your favorite pet, familiar or sidekick 'thingy' in anime?
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Only one I've never found annoying.
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This thing

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on which realm of existence do these 'things' make sense
Watch the rebuilds.

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What would you do with a captured JC?
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Rescue for quest XP.
Introduce her to the islam, that skirt is haram.
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Well since no one else wants to say it. Make her do lewd things with me

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Why do people like this series again?
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Haircut and shower scenes
the same reason most people like most anime.

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why isnt Eikichi your role model /a/?
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Because I stopped aspiring to be anything.
>socially retarded virgin
who said he wasn't?
He used to be years ago when I was younger than him. Now I'm 31.

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