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Has any other series turned to shit so terribly as this one, can it even be saved at this point?

Also Mahou Shoujo of the End thread.
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mahou shoujo site
blood alone
etc etc nearly all manga
>mahou shoujo site
It became so bad the group dropped it
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Did you fall for the Love Live or the [email protected] meme?
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[email protected] had the better memes but Love Live had the better show and girls
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I fell for the Cinderella Girls meme, so [email protected] I guess?
I like both. Cinderella Girls and Bang Dream too.

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>Levi Vs Monkey
>Eren X Historia
>Trap Armin
>No boring titans
>Armin asspull
>Bert death
>Levi clones
>Kenny Ackerman
>Erwin death
Season 3 will be the best third season in Anime since a long time.
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Honestly i'm excited because they can go all out with the animation because there aren't too many scenes where so much is going on, like the climax from clash.

Levi vs kenny's squad will be amazing, the levi vs erwin scene is like a tease of what will get. ooo boy.
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Politics arc a shit, titanshifter fights is the only thing keeping this series alive tbqhf.
I felt the politics arc could've been interesting but played out a tad too long.
Kenny and the gun-manuever gear squad was cool.
The entire bit with Rodd's abnormal was unnecessary really.
Eren's armor serum is an asspull, just have him learn the ability like the rest of them did.

Slowpoke who finally managed to watch the movie at last.

Not sure if its objectively has qualifications to be "better" than Your Name - but for me it absolutely has better value.

Your Name was great and both looked superb, made one feel and had right culmination being overall perfectly crafted movie: but it was essentially a simple Summer Flick.

Meanwhile Koe no Katachi is first anime that i can compare to one of my favorite movies of all time Beijing Bicycle.

Best KyoAni work so far? Disappearance was great, but there is difference in thematic and depth.

Additionally KnK was much more "cinematic" than Your Name. As Your Name is pretty much formulaic hollywood like perfect formula, everything about KnK is on other side reminiscent of more artistic movies and signature directors.

Storytelling wise it also wins, since it neither "shows" nor "tells" - it vaguelly hints everything, not telling viewer how to react, think and feel.

Manga story might be not perfect and it somewhat reflects in movie, but the quality of the movie itself is excellent, worth every minute (and its quite long).

Since of this year, KyoAni is KinoAni instead -focusing on movies for 2017 and 2018 and seeing the results of their work i can only look forward to it with excitement.
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Is Yamada the Sofia Coppola of anime?
The movie is shit, as in almost all cases read the manga instead.
Well I basically agree with you anon. But reading KnK manga after having watched the movie and then rewatch the movie makes it look a bit incomplete. I agree both it and Your Name are beautiful (watched both three times in a few weeks, would love to find something similar)

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incestual brothers.jpg
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Yaoi doujins when?
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They aren't even blood related.
Fuck off, you retarded shipper.
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Kyouske would be the top, right?
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This laugh was so damn adorable, many props to the seiyuu.

This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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Cowtits slut
I don't like elves

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To what extent would you described Homura's actions as "justified?"
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That image reminds me of this
Never read HxH, is it good?
It's the only good shonen

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is the story of Suzuki Iruma, who has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school in the Demon World. We invite you to follow Iruma-kun's extraordinary school life.
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>not a maid

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you will never be a demon lord grandson. why live?
If nips weren't such pussies, I'd gladly welcome at least one MC who went full demon lord on his parents for that bullshit.

Shitty parents getting killed in Hayate's last chapter is the only redeeming thing about the whole mess.

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Anime fetish?
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when uncle sell me to niggers

It's /a/ in Fall 2013 season.
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/v/ the season
I would try out Strike the Blood and end up disappointed.

I would try out Magi and also end up disappointed.

I would also try out Yozakura Quartet and also end up disappointed.

Same with Phi Brain, same disappointed.

And Tokyo Ravens... you know I haven't watched that yet but I'll probably be disappointed all the same.
>trying out 5 shows in a season

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Less than 2 weeks remain until our next album release, and we are steadily pushing out some new mixes. We've got two for you today:

Theater of a Witch (Madoka Rebellion OST): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMjYRQc39x0
Fun Fun Fun Dayo (LuckyStar OST): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1ftrVxp2JM

We are now looking for STRINGS. If you play VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, or DOUBLE BASS, we could use your assistance.

If you'd like to participate, please visit our website:
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Where are the father's day songs?
In honor of Gendo, Father of the Millennium
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Is she going to win the Gouraibowl?
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I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if there's no kiss.
She won the Gouraibowl when she got Gourai's first kissu.

why did the second part get so shit? episodes 18 and 19 specifically are so bad it's getting hard not to drop this.
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Because the first part of the anime already feels like the second part of something, so the second part dropoff is exponentially shitty.
I dropped it around that point but looking back a lot of the early episodes were equally unremarkable. I just kept watching so long because /a/ tricked me into expecting a masterpiece.

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I'm 100% sure that I speak for everyone when I say we are glad that this episode finally canonized EM.
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Never speak for me again.
>episode forced me to like EM

I feel violated
The author did a hentai doujinshi of the two, it's already canonized

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Im actually more hyped for season 2 of this then I am for another season of Kyoujin.
Gay guy who hated his dad killed the show.
Anal sex with Mumei

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