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>[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Rinne - 61 [720p].mkv

Yeah well I'm making the thread
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>063 「死神 乙女」
you madman
Why is she so perfect?

File: Wild Amari appears.jpg (207KB, 800x1127px)Image search: [Google]
Wild Amari appears.jpg
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What would you do if someone dropped off a random loli on your doorstep?
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Ask her where I can cuddle some fluffy dogs.
Check for a return address.
Send her home and ask for her sister, who happens to be best girl.

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Will it surpass Fate and Steins;Gate as the greatest VN adaptation of all time?
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>edgy powerlevel autism
I wouldn't count on it.

It takes ten chapters for most of the routes to stop being terrible (except for Kasumi's, which is terrible all the way through). Translate that to a VN adaptation and the best case scenario is "keep watching, it gets good at episode 19".
If the quality of the fight scenes is good then the normies probably would love it.

File: typical evangelion thread.jpg (341KB, 1200x900px)Image search: [Google]
typical evangelion thread.jpg
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Honest opinion on Evangelion?
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Unironically deep
Unironically good, both as a mecha action show and as a psychological 2deep4u drama
Unironically deserves all the praise it gets
Me in the middle, top middle
File: rudy.gif (2MB, 300x264px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 300x264px

Boring. Worst and most pathetic MC of any series. Also overrated and trying too hard to have "depth"

File: Iihiko_defeats_Ajimu.png (393KB, 1779x1300px)Image search: [Google]
393KB, 1779x1300px
Wait, what the fuck?
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It was fresh.
Mary Sue BTFO

File: 1444857960043.webm (633KB, 405x720px)Image search: [Google]
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This is Erika. Say something nice about her.
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Best girl.
Torpedo tits.
Best girl in her series, would lovingly impregnate and take responsibility.

File: mechazawa.jpg (19KB, 225x350px)Image search: [Google]
19KB, 225x350px
There's something about Mechazawa that looks different...
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New haircut? He's looking pretty clean up there now that I look at him...
Has he put on weight?
He's missing a button on his coat, should we tell him?

File: 27939_guilty_crown.jpg (476KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
476KB, 1920x1080px
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she was an okay girl
delete this

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Comfiest anime thread?
Post your favorite comfy anime may it be something as small as the art style or just the general feel of the show.
Kyoukai no Kanata had a very comfy art style, what do you think anon?
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Movie confused the fuck out of me, what was MC's mother?
Its my favorite anime. The sol parts were very relaxing.
Was a pretty weird show all in all but the art style is one of my favorites.

File: chisa.png (240KB, 760x423px)Image search: [Google]
240KB, 760x423px
Wow did you feel in this scene?
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She deserves everything - that's the best part.
Doujinshi about that?
Why? She was just a rotten orange

File: 1493219818009.jpg (1MB, 1280x2068px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1280x2068px
You get the chance to pick one anime girl to be your closest friend who you can NEVER fuck.

Who will it be?
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Does it have to be a girl?
I'd love to be best buds with Simon or Dante.
Yes, otherwise not fucking them wouldn't be a challenge.
>your closest friend who you can NEVER fuck
That's not how it works. Close friends always end up fucking.

File: 6666.jpg (20KB, 493x276px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 493x276px
Reminder that Loli didn't deserve to be treated that way.

If you read this manga for a second time, you'll realize how shit it actually was.
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Molester man didn't treat her bad, he simply rejected her. Guys get rejected all the time, why is it such a big deal when it's the girl that gets rejected?
Reminder that all these threads are bait. Sage, and ignore it.

File: Kyon.jpg (47KB, 625x347px)Image search: [Google]
47KB, 625x347px
Is Kyon actually "God" and not Haruhi?
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Kyon is to a God what Homura is to Demon.
Not this shit again.
File: 1495617503506.jpg (112KB, 533x683px)Image search: [Google]
112KB, 533x683px
Kyon, Haruhi and Sasaki are the holy trinity

File: best love story ever told.jpg (92KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
best love story ever told.jpg
92KB, 1280x720px
I overcame myself and finally finished SAO, which was dropped after Aincarb arc. It was actually entertaining, more than battle harems of this season, and pacing was improved, compared to first half, but all other problems remained. Dialogues are cringeworthy, everything orbits Kirito's dick and the author doesn't try to remember what he writes (hurr, there are no swords in ALO, only magic, durr, a swordfight in the same episode). Is there no hope for the genre? Even the most acclaimed work is a turd, just less smelly than others.
Also, isekai thread.
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>Dialogues are cringeworthy, everything orbits Kirito's dick and the author doesn't try to remember what he writes
This isn't really exclusive to isekai anime
File: Kenja no Mago.jpg (299KB, 800x643px)Image search: [Google]
Kenja no Mago.jpg
299KB, 800x643px
Kenja no Mago is good so far, mostly for the variety of interesting characters.
File: 815T6M83qL.jpg (477KB, 1446x2094px)Image search: [Google]
477KB, 1446x2094px
Isekai Shokudou PV

Also 6 chapters of the manga adaption up here if anyone want's to rip them:

File: Slam piece.jpg (22KB, 500x319px)Image search: [Google]
Slam piece.jpg
22KB, 500x319px
Why was Araragi not beating her cheeks after Neko, they was obviously attracted to each other before Senjougahara showed up in Bake. Help me understand. She is so sexually forward.
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Nisio is a hack.
Hanekawa is a whore, Araragi is pure.
Araragi can't see himself being worthy of Hanekawa after she helped him regain his humanity.

Hanekawa was acting as the perfect girl who buried all her negative thoughts and emotions so she can't be the one to confess to him (until it was too late).

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