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Why is /a/ ignoring this show?
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Is it furry?
Not having a shitty general doesn't mean it's being ignored. Come back on airing day.
It's so shit not even a waifu can save it

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Yunyun is cute and I want to be her friend!
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Op since you just requested an update here it is.
It'd be fun to become her only friend and then act as a poisonous influence on her until you're the only thing left that she cares about.

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Major-ly cute.jpg
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New "chapter" is out. Tanya a cute as always.
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Old men make the best girls.
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Having a child that age with the mental maturity of a 40 year old would be ideal actually.
Well this fanbase turned out to be shit.

In this thread we post Manga and Anime that would greatly benefit from Netorare twists.
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The comprehensive and complete list of anime and manga that would benefit from NTR:

And that's the full list.
OP pic not related. Awesome job guys. We did it.
>Pic not related

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anime (2).png
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>one day 1080p will become obsolete and you'll have to redownload all of your anime in 4k
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>barely 3TB of anime
Seems you have quite a few drives, what's the redundancy plan?
I have stacks of CD's with FMA, Hikaru No Go, Detective Conan, and some other anime in like 480p.

I did re-download them now on hard drives. Pretty sure its over 10 TB

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Will the poop machine be in Season 3 or will they censor it?
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Nobody will buy the BDs if they censor it.

NOBODY at all
I have rudimentary knowledge of Attack On Titan, but I am very intrigued as to what the poop machine is.
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>Looks like the mascot of a Bethesda video game
>his quirk is glitching out and falling through the map
I can't help but feel like it was intentional.
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>Tintin is the mascot of a Bethesda video game
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>mascot of a Bethesda video game

I thought he was Lucas.
honestly between Tintin , fallout boy, and Lucas. he looks the least like Tintin and more like a young adult Lucas.

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just finished watching the anime. Why was Mega-nee so retarded?

>zombie outbreak
>has emergency response manual for situations like this
>first thing on her mind isn't to refer to the manual for potential cure or a proper quarantine shelter nearby
>spends time making shitty Macgyver barricades with her students instead
>dies because of it
>doesn't even tell the students about the manual while she's dying instead says shit like "I'm glad to be your teacher"
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>watching the anime
The manual wouldn't say "THE CURE TO THE ZOMBIE AIDS IS DICKS." You also failed to notice that all the public buildings in the city were designed to be self-reliant for a period of months. Besides, all the actual vaccines for the different plagues Randall Corp was developing was kept in the basement.

Also, Megu-nee was still alive when Yuki found the pupper. Megu-nee found that it was already bitten so when Yuki wasn't looking, took it to the faculty office, chained it, and then recorded it turn into a zombie. Then afterwards threw it out the window and shovel was forced to kill it.

A crashing helicopter set the school on fire too.
Read the manga. It's legit.
Remove dog

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What is /a/'s opinion on Satoshi Kon?
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anyway i have to watch paranoia agent for full assessment but imitating hitchcock in an animated medium reeked of inferiority complex
Pretty okay.
would it fucking kill him to write a happy ending?

Sharo-chan is tired!
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she also has a beautiful toned body
Time to raid her pantsu
tired of being a poorfag lmao

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does /a/ like giant girls?
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thanks, didnt feel like torrenting animu for single screenshot
someone make it 6' vs 5'11"

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The characters, character designs and ending songs were excellent. Why is it not popular?
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everything else
>everyone is an assassin
>nobody dies
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It might have been more worthwhile if people actually died since the whole concept was about assassins trying to kill each other. The lesbian suicide pact in which neither died and O MY TITANIUM RIBS sort of ruined the tension, among other things.

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Please describe this child.
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Cute monkey ears

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What are your thoughts on Teppu, I just recently finished it and am left wanting more, I get why it wasn't too successful considering how long it took to make 33 chapters.
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>sports manga
>fat audience
This and All Rounder are two of my favorite manga. I'm biased though because I'm a huge mma fan that trains in it. The series did a good job of capturing the "gym feel" of a mma gym.
Ditto. And also best girl is a tomboy.

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>Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark,
>I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson
>The time of awakening cometh
>Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary,
>appear now as an intangible distortions!
>I desire for my torrent of power a destructive force,
>a destructive force without equal!
>Return all creation to cinders, and come from the abyss!
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>Wu-tang Clan ain't nottin ta fuck wit
>Wu-tang Clan ain't nottin ta fuck wit
>Wu-tang Clan ain't nottin ta fuck wit
zazas zazas nasatanada zazas

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