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>Every time the MC wins it's brutally satisfying
>Next match is against a smug metawhore that insulted her husbando
I haven't been this hype for a manga fight in a while.
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that ntrvibe
I would say it's a "death flag". Up until now she won while being emotionless and her making friends with her opponents counts as things going well for her and that opposes what her mother said.

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>that one fucker who tries to pretend Log Horizon isn't the same garbage as SAO
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garbage and shit are two different things tho...
What is this 2hu meme and why is everyone posting it suddenly
Stop using Mokou for your shitpost, cocksucker.

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Otherwise you wouldn't be posting here! I can help with that! I'll grant you one (1) wish, and in addition to being granted your hearts' desire, you'll also receive INCREDIBLE magic power. In exchange, you'll be obligated to fight supernatural creatures known as "witches," in defense of mankind. You'll be among comrades, though, and I'm confident that you can handle it! Do we have a deal?
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>Do we have a deal?
I just wanna be loved
Failed normalfag please, don't project your insecurity onto me. The only problem I have with my current situation is that normalfags and failed normalfags like you post on /a/ more than they should.

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I love you /a/!
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I love you too faggot
She'd be dead by now

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Are you still mad or have you grown up /a/?
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>NTR shit

Get out.
>expecting Kayo to wait 15 years as a barren, joyless drab for a boy in a coma instead of wanting her to be happy and living her life

About what I expected.
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>implying /a/ ever forgives or forgets

Well, /a/? Was she right?
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Stop with the motherfucking ghost stories threads you absolute nigger.

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When will this fag draw more traps getting fucked silly?
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Thighs too thick.
When traps are no longer gay
t. irish

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What girls should never be lewded?
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this one
she is lewd in nature

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Technically this is a harem show told from the perspective of psychologically disturbed individuals.
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>great gf and couple irrelevant girls
Yeah, also practically. Water is wet, i don't get your point OP.
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Best girl coming through

He got a disputable first place
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Did he spin himself to some tornado shit to blow away the fire?
todoroki never used fire
Nigga, he was literally using flames and then said "nah" last minute, why did you think bakugo was pissed off because he turned his fire off?

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Its astonishing how they pour money into berserk and all we get is shit. West has amateurs producing higher quality with higher volume

For example 9 years ago Red versus blue had one animator using source film maker and his stuff was miles ahead the drivel japan. One man outdid whole animation departments in Japan, its speak of the profound incompetence of japanese industry.

So why the fuck cant nips do CGI without fucking it up? Is it a cultural thing or doesnt Japan want to import real talent?

Only people succeeding seem to be Ufotable
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Dark souls anime when.
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All the Japanese talent for 3D is making video games. The anime industry sees 3D as a cheap option to 2D, how it should be since 2D will always be the superior and more challenging artform. Ufotable work with 3D and matte painting is garbage, though, I don't get why you even brought them up unless you're an ufotard.
They can but they are not willing to pay for it.

Which anime is the most /fa/?
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when is the new season gonna start already

i need more battle harems /a/
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I need you to kill yourelf, because people like you are what ruins anime with their mass of shit demands
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Behold, the great White Samurai in his natural habitat, bitching at japanese-like tastes in japanese animation made for japanese people and sold mainly in japanese land.
Rokudenashi isn't a battle harem series faggot

have any of you tried this? were you successful?
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moshi moshi
anon dess

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ITT : God tier anime openings & endings

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the VN opening was better desu
wtf Moot I didn't type desu?
Its fucking magic. I don't gotta explain shit.

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