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So I'm catching up on my backlog (inb4 never happening) and I just watched Working!!! first because I didn't think to count the !s on my download folders and thought nothing of the back references to stuff I hadn't seen because it was done such that you could get what you needed from the references. Should I go back and watch the first two seasons, or would that just be an exercise in the pain of knowing the ships sail later but watching them mosey around? Also, are there any anime that are *better* out of order? Discuss.
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Hidamari works if you watch it chronologically.
The first season of Haruhi was broadcast out of order and it was shitty
you could broadcast endless eight out of order and I would want to kill myself exactly the same amount

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what if.jpg
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>having a backlog
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I don't have a backlog, I'm just aware of show I might want to watch in the future but focus on whatever I'm watching today.
Every new thread made for /a/ keeps getting posted on /g/
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Then I die. It's fine.

Find a flaw.
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bottom left
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To Love Ru Darkness Chart.png
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Ringo fag BTFO she isn't irrelevant also fuck you incestfag shitposter

Kill, Fuck or Let go?

What do you think they should do to each other after the clusterfuck they have been?
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everybody likes a little choke when they have fuckies
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I think they should get up and get back to work on the next movie.


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Is Kobayashi a boy?
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Only for 1-2 chapters in manga.
She was for a while

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If anyone cares
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Wonder if this guy's ever not gonna be a Manaka clone.
I'm certain the author's aware of this. She'll probably make it a plot point eventually, if the magazine lets her keep getting away with it.
So much fucking bullshit and stalking behavior from the Manaka clone.

Every situation he meets Aya is so fucking contrived.

Not only that but holy fuck, the author even cloned Manaka's friends from highschool, especially the chubby one, Rikiya Komiyama.

What a fucking hack.

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What kind of male character do girls IRL find the most attractive?
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Oreki is handsome, I'm not a girl though.
I have something for characters like Guts or Armstrong from FMA but that's probably because I'm a fetishist of bara
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The metal variety.

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Stop masturbating to girls older than 18
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shitty meme stolen from reddit.jpg
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Is it fine if she's thousands of years old, but still looks and acts like a 14 year old?
> like a 14 year old?
I know you're unconsciously convinced yourself of that, but those girls you posted look around 10, anon. This is coming from a 7th grade school teacher by the way: 13 - 14 year olds usually look a lot more developed.
Fredrika looked better when she was older anyways.

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A decade ago, a character like Eriri would have been the popular main heroine of the series while girls like Megumi would be side heroines. What happened?
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At least she is the secondary heroine and has the most development next to Megumi.
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Eriri a shit. A SHIT.

Utaha a best. A BEST.
Over-saturation of her character archetype. Give it another 10-15 years and girls like her will be the probably be the favorites again. I'm just glad we've moved on from cranking out Shana clones, while fresh at first, the violent loli tsundere got old very fast.

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Do you think Shogo Makishima had friends?
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I'm sorry for him but he more than likely died a virgin.
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He probably used a VPN to shitpost on whatever anonymous imageboards still exist in 2100 or whenever the series takes place. Whenever he isn't plotting murder I imagine he NEETs it up hard. Can't say I blame him either consdiering what a nightmare the world of Psychopass is.
I mean his apartment is pretty nice, and he even has a library for all his books.

Plus since he lives at the CID, he has all the stockpiled supplies he needs.

I heard he had at least two friends, but one of them passed away in a tragic shaving accident.

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After completing "Mary and the Witch's Flower" and taking the film to be seen at Studio Ghibli:
>Miyazaki - "I won't see it. Get out of my sight!"
>Takahata - "Not the worst animation ever made, but it'll bomb".
>Suzuki - "Get over Ghibli already and go make something good."

I don't like him, but this is sad.
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What a bunch of cunts.
As expected from Miyazaki, but I didn't think Takahata was such a cunt.
And these are the same people that kicked out Hosoda for being too creative.
I hope the movie succeeds only to piss them off.
why is it that everytime I see a thread about miyazaki he's hating on something? It's like he is the personification of /a/, /a/ also thinks every anime is trash.

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1MB, 987x1502px
Guys! I'm in love with this lizard!
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Get to see her in her animated glory
next year
excellent taste
Hm.. We have lvl only of nonhumans characters. Is that a coincidence?

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I saw a clip today where pic related sold her breasts for candy. this show looks funny but it says drama mystery. is this any good?
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The anime is hot garbage after the first couple episodes because it attempts to adapt ~150 manga chapters in 12 episodes. Read the manga first, then watch the anime.
>Read the manga first, then watch the anime.
Don't do this OP, it's a trick, you'll hate the anime even more if you do.
it's made by the edge master okamoto lynn

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Could you survive a physical confrontation with Shinka?
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can I defend myself by ponoss in bagoo?
Not if I remind myself of something that power me up with autistic rage. If she happens to fight me while I'm mad about FGO, she doesn't stand a chance.
They say the souls of those who encounter a Shinka with imperfect courage are doomed to utter annihilation.

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This is your host for tonight.
Say something nice about her.
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more like twintackles
She's got a nice loli butt, shame it didn't get more focus.

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