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this is your immortal, wise, curious, savage god-killing angel (and she belongs to you) for tonight
what do you have her do?
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She kills all other anons but myself before they can post. Then not drool on my tablet after she's done being impregnated by myself.
Ask if I can exchange her for store credit.
I don't really like her design, so I guess I'll have her clean my room.

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Is this Koe no Katachi done right?
What a nice movie.
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Yes, it is.

It also actually had an actual positive message unlike KnK's ambiguous message about victim blaming.
Fuck off, retard. Can't you possibly make a thread about something without inciting retarded fanbase wars?
I liked both. Fuck me, right?

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O my rubber nen.jpg
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ITT: O' our rubber nen
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"Listen up my nen!" was better
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Fairy Tail Nakama Power.jpg
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In .hack//SIGN if Sora had killed Tsukasa / Ann Shouji and people had found out, could he claim he didn't know and get away with it. And would the events of dotHACK//IMOQ have happened?
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does anyone know?
You mean in game or real life? Cause in game Tsukasa died before and nothing really happened besides memory loss.
Reminder that there is interest in reviving the .hack franchise (as long as the new remaster sells well).

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Tenchi Muyo.jpg
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Why the fuck is NOBODY subbing the new Tenchi Muyo OVAs?

Also we can all unanimously agree that Ryoko is best girl, right?
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The first and second episodes of the new OVA have been subbed. You can even find them you youtube. I went on ahead and watched the RAW for the third but I have yet to find subtitles.
I liked Ryoko the most when I was younger, but now I prefer Ayeka.
I stand corrected. Episode 3 is subbed now. Search for it.

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Small. All day everyday.
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Small, but this has nothing to do with her flatness. She's just more likable. There is nothing wrong with Tione, though.

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this fucking bullshit.png
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no,I mean,I REALLY hate this shitty setting.
WoW and final fantasy RUINED JRPGs and isekai,now every fucking single RPG esque scenario looks like this medieval/fantasy world,and I absolutely hate it.
I love modern and interesting scenarios,HxH,the Shin megami tensei games,Tanya the evil and dragon ball are all really fucking interesting, because they look familiar yet extremely different for us.
hygiene,religion,public morals,the political and military system,the way people were seen and treated in the medieval ages was fucking shitty and made in a way that you would work your ass off your entire life and MAYBE,just MAYBE,get a little bit of happiness,that is,if you didn't die of some unknown disease because medical care was absolute garbage(good luck with those fucking herbs there my friend).
the worst part of all of it is that most of those shows and games have rarely no difference in one another,there's a "central kingdom",everyone excepts the adventurers uses peasentry clothing(which begs the question,why doesn't EVERYBODY simply become a hunter/adventurer/whatever the fuck you want to call it,since it's so fucking easy to get your food and stuff related to other jobs?),there's a "higher council",there are dragons(why is this always a fucking thing) and animals become unsensical biologically UNACURRATE beings(some of them being able to fly for no fucking reason at all),women are allowed to wear slutty and revealing clothing(no really what in the fuck,I know this is literally just weeb fapbait but if you can actually make a cool looking woman in a less revealing clothes,it sounds way more professional for me than just strapping on a random collegial uniform on your girls),literally almost everyone uses archaic weapons(swords and bows would actually be really fucking useless against the "magical creatures" shown) and WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD YOU WAIFUFAG SOMEONE IN THOSE SHOWS?THEY ALL LITERALLY SMELL LIKE SHIT AND SWEAT FROM ALL THAT HAPPENS TO THEM.
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*autistic screeching*
But the orc rape tho
Too long; didn't read.

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Haruhi finally gets it's long awaited 3rd season
>it's berserk 2017 cg quality
Would you still watch it?
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Haruhi isnt nearly as much of an action show and doesn't need animation to be high quality as berserk. So sure
Main appealing is fapping to her so I don't think so.
I'd watch it either way, but I wouldn't like the cg.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
I like it. Now stop posting.
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.

Dragon Ball should not have continued past the buu saga. Prove me wrong.
You can't.
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Dragon Ball should not have continued past the Namek saga.
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Do you say this because super saiyan shit was brought in afterwards, making literally every other character besides a saiyan useless as fuck? If so, you might be onto something and might have to retract my statement in the OP.

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>Spring 2017

Good fucking riddance.
What an awful season this was.
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Do you think Summer will be better?
>implying summer will be any better
Fall is where it's at.
Implying Mad in Abyss isn't airing next season

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>Takami Akai, the producer of the series and a co-founder of Gainax, announced that he would resign his position effective episode five, which aired on April 29, 2007, over comments that he made regarding posts on the Japanese Internet forum 2channel. Akai and another Gainax employee, Keiko Mimori, made disparaging remarks about comments criticizing the animation style of the fourth episode of Gurren Lagann, which was completely directed by guest and friend Osamu Kobayashi. With regard to reading the fan criticisms, Akai stated that it was "like putting [his] face next to an anus and breathing deeply." Fans later became aware of his comments, and he announced his departure from the company he helped to found.

w-we're better than this, right /a/?
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>face next to an anus and breathing deeply
>w-we're better than this, right /a/?
We don't have jobs to resign from.
Very old meme.

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Featuring Muzan 3.0
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Think of an anime, one that is incomplete.

Would you rather that series have a new season or a satisfying ending?
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You know you're going to get a tonne of konosuba, watamote and such posts from this.

Watamote has a timeline still in development. So, an ending would be fine.
S2 evangelion when???
>two Erio threads up

what year is it?

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