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>Sexual assault is ok if a woman does it

Fuck off. Dropped.
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You're right OP, it's only ok when a man does it.
Is she riding his dick when he woke up?
>qt 2D girl raping u gently
>not liking it
sorry, we have too many fags right now, go visit any other board

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Gumi looks weird today.
Best concert
Redeemed every shitty aspect of Frontier

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Do you like trains?
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Trains are super interesting.

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> finds death note on ground
> writes own name into it
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I used to put my name in every book I found, it's not unlikely.
what happens if you write math equations in it?
It kills asians

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Suiryu, Snek and Max are CUTE.
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Is volume 13 out in US yet?
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Postin before bed.
Far from it, volume 12 isn't even out yet.

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Haifuri thread
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Fuck you, I liked it is my general opinion on this show. Should've had a less dumb plot.
S2 never.

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Honest thoughts on Fate?
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This isnt a questions asking board

pls go to /que/ for further usage of the "?" punctuation unless clearly a rhetorical question is being asked
has always been a newfag magnet
Tohsaka is the only reason to watch it.

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Who does /a/ consider top lolis? Is Miria one of them?
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And Erika

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What does /a/ thinks about Pride?
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Pride? Or Wrath?

Wrath was awesome.

Pride was shit.
That's Wrath, not sure what OPs talking about

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images (3).jpg
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This is the kind of anime you can only really watch once, when you're going through a time in your life when you can really relate to the characters. I've been through such a time, and I'm sure many of you have too.
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Truth, I've definitely woken up from my slump only to be greeted by this face

but I've watched it twice
what if that time of my life is going on for too long ;_;

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How does /a/ think about Space Dandy? I'm in the middle of season 02 and its pretty awesome. They had some really good episode ideas and the animation/art direction is great. I'm not typically a fan of episodical anime, but this onenever gets boring. Maybe it helps that i'm an art fag, though.
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The first couple of episodes are a little weak, but it really hits it's stride in season 2, with the afterlife episode being my favorite.

I thought how they decided to end the series was appropriate, and doubt that a new season would have the same charm.

Are you watching it subbed or dubbed?
I'm watching the sub, because english also it not my native language.
It isn't funny. I don't care how good the production value is. The jokes aren't funny. The "would-be heroic buffoon" hasn't been entertaining since Monkey Island.

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> implying that doesn't make them best girls
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That Christina Ricci forehead is the only reason I'm hyped Sonia
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Forehead chan is my wife.
Sonia pleases birds for money!

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Have you ever fallen in love with an anime character? And I don't me just thinking she's sexy or pretty. I mean have you actually fallen in love with them? I know it sounds pathetic but I can't help my heart boner.
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Are you really asking /a/ this, anon?
Yeah, but I meant to the point where they are faithful to her/him.
>falling in love with a shitty waifubait
Back to redit with you ramtard.

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>These two end up married come StrikerS

How on earth did that happen? She looks to be at least 5 years older than him.
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Girls grow faster.
Arranged marriage.
>She looks to be at least 5 years older than him.
They are about the same age though.

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>ctrl+f Nichijou
>One result but unrelated to the show Nichijou
Let's fix this with a good old Yuuko appreciation thread
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haru nichijou.png
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Bought Volume 8 today after a discount sale, and reading it made me realize how much Nichijou meant to my soul in appreciating the little things in life. Can't wait to buy the next two volumes to finally complete the collection.
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I don't think I've ever seen a character anywhere with such God tier character design

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