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The Rosario+Vampire anime is easily the worst adaptation ever. Not only is it completely different from the manga, on its own the show is shit too.
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Disco Lady best opening ever.
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Why are there so many Rosario+Vampire threads today?
Not that I'm complaining.
>this was one of the first anime I watched
>thought it was amazing
If I went back to watch this I'd probably be disappointed with myself

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Despite its popularity and long run during its time
How come Inuyasha isn't as remembered as other big anime from the mid-90s?
Or even as remembered other works from Urusei Yatsura (namely Urusei Yatsura and Ranma ½)
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Because it was really boring
Because the 13 year old girl inside of me is dead.
It was okay

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Where's China?
I'm American but England has more of my favorite girls than any other country. What do I do?

You become a FILTHY TRAITOR is what you do

Next season looks like complete shit /a/

I can't say I'm looking forward to anything other than some OVA's

What are you looking forward to
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I haven't even seen the chart yet. I know Koi to Uso is next season. Will that fill the void Kuzu no Honkai left behind?
It's garbage Koi and DEEEEN shows are the only mediocre shows on the list.

You don't want to see the list
Do you even like anime? Next season looks great

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this fucking slut..
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Why must tomboys lose?
Carol went from best girl to worst girl in one page.
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Puberty is a wild ride
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Ruined in a single year.
chemicals in the water.
another year staying in the countryside will fix her

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What does Nerv's motto mean in the context of Evangelion?

"God's in His heaven, all's right with the world"
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When god leaves heaven and comes down to earth all is wrong with the world.
the premise of Evangelion is stopping the unification of all minds and returning humanity to it's singular god form
So you're saying the Angels attacking symoblizes God leaving heaven, and NERVs duty being to destroy Angels?

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would you watch an anime about Yumi and her friends?
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You mean Asuka & friends, right?
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I'd watch an anime about Hikage and her friends.
Yumi is fucking fat

Rip my heart right out why don't you, deaf girl.
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That looks like an out of focus early 3D movie.
I cant take her seriously when she sounds like a retard
man esl subbers are getting worse and worse

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>Kakashi only trained Sasuke
>Guy only trained Rock Lee
>Asuma only trained Shikamaru

Why is Kurenai the only sensei who did her job correctly?
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Kurenai only trained Hinata on how to be the greatest housewife and mother
And knew exactly what to feed her.
Kakashi was an idiot who thought two out of three of his students were hopeless and useless.

Guy probably couldn't teach Neji because Neji's ego wouldn't allow it, or probably learning any jutsu unrelated to hyuuga shit. He probably couldn't teach Tenten more than she knew because, for some fucking reason, naruto ninja seem to think of weapons as cowardly and ineffective.

Asuma? No idea.

Kurenai also probably was the only one with a team that seemed to possess decent synergy but no strategist or guidance on how to synergize their skills.

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What order do i watch this in?
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that one
It doesn't really matter, but go with broadcast order. OVA, Movie then anime
don't bother with that any component of that tedious slab of /co/ pandering

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Reminder that THIS is what a healthy woman for breeding looks like, /a/.

Nicely devoloped full breasts, plump butt, and wide hips.
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literally every man since the dawn of humanity has known this
Why the fuck do you guys spam the same hentai animation frame? Are there no other good hentai released in 2010-beyond? I only saw Urotsukidoji and La Blu Girl, so I don't know.

/a/ must have missed the memo.

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Is this the most adorable face in anime history?
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Nanika a cute
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no this is

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I just finished this on Netflix and just wanted to talk about it.

I really enjoyed it but thought it was overlong and a little emotionally manipulative at times, bordering on melodrama. However, the artwork and animation was excellent, as well as the character designs.

The music was great and I enjoyed the characterization of all of the main group of kids. It was sweet and sad and I feel better for watching it.


I cried a lot. But what do you think Kaori's disease was? It was definitely neurodegenerative, so my best guess is Friedrich's Ataxia.
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Forced drama.
It was trash.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Never change /a/.

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Who is better?
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Both are shit.
Ishida was cool in elementary.
Ishida had a harder life

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