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How do you guys feel about this master piece?
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you son of a bitch.png
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It made no fucking sense at all ending was pure retarded glad it never got a sequal I didn't want any more headaches from trying to understand this pile of dog shit. One of the worst fighting/martial arts manga I've ever read almost as bad as Kenichi.
A shame that the author couldn't keep doing it and had to rush the ending
He couldn't keep up from the start. The very first chapter he literally didn't explain shit and had people shooting lighting then never went to fully explain how they actually do this shit.

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This is unironically objectively the Greatest Love Story Ever Tols
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i'll give it a shot. title and quick synopsis?
Why don't you take a look at what shows ended recently?

First response on google senpai

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Korean scans out.

Acnologia keeps dropping bombs everywhere and keeps managing to kill nobody.
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No Fanservice, no deal.
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This is straight up pedophilia. Look at how he stares at hre panties! How is this allowed?
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Considerably, Kenshiro prefered her to hook up with Bat.
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He isnt looking at her undergarments though.....
>World's biggest boy scout

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I've been playing Melty Blood and now want to delve a bit deeper into Type Moon.

What's good? What's bad?
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You should watch the Tsukihime anime first.
Don't watch the manga it's trash.Read the manga or play the vn if you have enough time.
>Don't watch the manga
Woops I mean anime........Im retarded

A mom-son incest love story seen from a realistic and not entirely fanservicey angle, with all the trauma that could come from it.
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theres already enough freak fetish shit in anime
A mother-daughter incest love story seen from a realistic and not entirely fanservicey angle, with all the trauma that could come from it.
fuck this one is even better, you are a genius anon

Why is no one discussing the best new shonen in years?
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Nekogahara. itsby the nigga that made Shaman King
>couldn't even read the filename before begging for source
This is why saucefags get told off.
>"best shonen in years"
> isn't fire brigade

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Ok, which of them is a better person?
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they're both shit
Both are bad
Didn't read both but Youta is the better guy here.

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Are you going to star things off, OP?
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From the godly Angel Densetsu to this shit. How?
So obviously you didn't get anything out of it other than hot chicks fighting monsters ,lel
Te last part is shit, the rest of it is 7/10.

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Just finished watching the Golden Age Arc Trilogy and I was very satisfied with its overall quality. Are we getting more of this from the same creators? Really looking forward to it.

Berserk Thread
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why was griffith wearing that mask? we saw his face underneath and it looked normal
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I just started reading this series. Dick monsters in the last chapter gave me a laugh.

Why's there so many homo-erotic scenes? Why have both Guts and Griffith been butt raped? Is the author gay?
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So I watched Serial Expetiments Lain. In the execution of its themes, music, and atmosphere it is excellent, far exceeding my expectations, excepting the excessively obtuse exposition, expecially regarding exactly what was going on in the final exipsode. However, I dod't make this thread just to extol the show, but instead to inquest with inportence. Inspeficier: does the intergal chyracer Lain exhibit indications of inischyrality? Ineed in explaination intuced.

It was explicitly implied in exipsodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, and implicitly explored in numbers 1,3,5,7,11,13. Looking at Lain's school life, for example, she initially is largely isolated, extentially socially invisible, lacking even a single intimate ralictionship excluding Alisu (she's exempt, the friendslut's like that to everyone). Leaving skule a sighed, Lain's home life indicteceit too. She logs into the intredaNET and expends inordainted loads of thyme ingaged in shitposting anonymously. If that excess of digital thaims ins't inischyral, looking at her exegotes indubitably show she inherited inischyrality through the lineage. Lain's exegos FATHER shosprean extreme abscession in digital thaims, exactly like Lain. Lain's sester literally is phone, no exaggeration , and Lain's mome excentially doesn't exist.

Likewise, simply examining Lain's actions throughout the show exposes her incredibly high inischyrality levels. One indicteceiton is the lack of excitement from intertaining stimuli (underaction). The drug additive, the NiGHTs, the JESUS, as innumerable libes were extinguished, she expressed no emoticon. However, she ware INFURIATED by the Suited Men's Lajer, and the silent sound train (overaction). She intrudes into Alisu's private, the Teucher Man ko teuch scene, and expose her lewd inners (Lack of scens of space). Every sheckal in pizza she exacts a tip (Tipping). ALL so she infoliates she sego bare sute, surale streme infantile call KINDER much?! Ha!

Any thoughts about this?
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nice blogpost

didn't read

lain is absolute garbage.
Ill watch this show sooner than later. I didn't know she was a fucking neet though XD. I stopped reading after that to prevent spoilers.
this is a lot better than some of the imitations I've seen posted this year, maybe this is the original guy

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Which is best, /a/?

/lit/, /sci/ or /sp/?
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/adv/ obviously.
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/sp/ is best. dat ass

/sci/ is cute too though. She's even cute without her glasses.
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army nico
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Second best girl after Noel
Rio is best girl.
Underrated Woto. Kureha a best.

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What kind of song does it fit Part 5 Ending
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Spandau Ballet
>>Gold by Spandau Ballet
Good taste anon

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