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Take it easy /a/
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Fuck off.
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thank you, anonymous! Have a good day!

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Jagaaaaaan: 18 chapters in, and this shit is 100x better than Parasyte or Tokyo Ghoul ever was. Next chapter when?
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Haven't had a psychological/horror genre in a while, so already has my interest. It better be good, OP.
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Next season's dominant plotline.
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Already lovin' it.
How's the manga after the events of the anime anyway?
Pretty good. The main couple finally kiss, baseball guy and tomboy girl get together and basically vow to get married in the future; but on the other hand the hot friend got rejected by the teacher Pin. According the latest raws, the main cast graduated HS.

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7 days left for the Kebanini anime
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It looks like it's going to be mediocre desu
I know right, anime was a mistake
well looks decent enough
what's your expectations anon?

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Previous Chapter:

So I gather this shit was licensed all along. Guess I'm just wasting my time. Still gonna finish the first volume anyways.
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Best girl ever thread
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Hell yeah, her voice actress unzips my dick.
She looks like a frog.
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What did you just say about my wife

Bitch ill cut you

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What does /a/ think of Cardcaptor Sakura?
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it was pretty good i finally re watched it since my memories of it were pretty hazy of it as a teen

watched the entire series again in april on a 3 day lsd bender which was fun
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I have 21 years and you
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It was a good magical girl anime.

ITT: Best girls that lost.
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Kururu ≥ Simca >>>> Ringo. Worst girl winning was just a minor entry in Air Gear's list of issues, though.

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>tomoshitters will never know this feeling

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Fuck off. Umaru is fucking garbage
Keep crying.
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Why do tomboys lose so often?
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because the harem elections are rigged
They lack feminine appeal
I'm sorry friend but what is this pain that I am feeling right now

Why is ecchi so good and better than straight up hentai?
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Because you can show everything (including Sex) except genitals.
Is Senran Kagura worth watching, story-wise?
the nipples and vag don't even look attractive, it's all the other parts

Why did surrealism in anime television die?
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They couldnt handle it.
I don't know what you think surrealism is, but your image certainly isn't.
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Is Lain watching us right now?

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What is thy desire?
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>we'll never get another gem like Outlaw Star
I know man. Let it out, we'll never see the like again.

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Is there an anime that consists of better written female characters?

Saten is best girl, uiharu is most realistic, shirai is best voice actor, misaka is strong female lead that isn't a complete mary sue, Kiyama did nothing wrong and did it for the chilluns
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The only somewhat realistic female in all of Kamachi's works is Whore-iana.
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Will this be another normal thread?
Literally all true except Kuroko... whose voice was the most annoying thing and the entire reason I dropped Railgun.

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Worst girl thread?
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delete this
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Winner right here.

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