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Can your waifu beat my waifu?
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Can your waifu survive galaxy buster scale attacks?
Shit. Just how powerful is Arc anyway?

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What was his problem?
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He's a respectable character, especially in the manga. However there's lots he doesn't understand about the situation and he's a normie, but at least he makes an effort to be a decent person. He also makes a better effort to understand towards the end of the story.

Even shoya understands this even though he got punched by him
He caught a bad case of irrelevantitis in transitioning to the big screen.
Fuck off and kill yourself, you crossboarding newfag cancer.

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Do you like Mami-san?
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She gives the best head
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do you think mami-san would make a good wife too?

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The deadline for round two of /a/ sings Eromanga-sensei is almost here.
We're singing adrenaline!!! (the ED of Eromanga-sensei).

General Eromanga-sensei discussion is welcome too.

In case you missed it, here's /a/ sings Hitorigoto:

Deadline is the 1st of July which is in two days, so be quick and submit before then, else I can't guarantee you getting in.

-Record the song (full version) with only your voice audible
-Send your submission and questions to [email protected]

Link to ED:
Everything you need in a neat little .rar containing the song, instructions and printable lyrics:
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Kek nice job on that OP.
Sup newfriend.
Thanks, but everyone did a great job singing, so it wasn't terribly hard to mix.

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post characters that has a offical genderbend version

maybe we can make a chart like pic related
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Been there, done that.
I'm sure there is more

PSA: The original Mobile Suit Gundam is the best Gundam series. Please do yourself a favor, and watch this masterpiece if you haven't done so already.
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ZZ > Zeta > 0079
8th Ms team touched my soul.
PSA: Zeta is fucking shit

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
I say, I find this particular artistic piece is quite the delight on the senses,
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I am indifferent to it.

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Purest form of love.
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platonic friendship is the purest form of live
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Is that ancient dragon attempting to seduce that little girl?
Kanna farts lightning.

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>mfw i drive a E55 '99
>mfw AMG

Where's my schoolgirl?
What was even the point of this plot?
>/a/ says girl is a slut
>watch it
>she's a literal, actual, honest-to-god slut

Any other series that do this? Usually the "sluts" are virgins.

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>Half an episode passes
>akko is suddenly a commie
Honestly, things like these are my main problem with this show. The sudden change in tone that happens from episode to episode, often without any sort of linear progression.
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I understand that anime is not exactly top notch in regards to visual quality, but come on.
Dude, storage is cheap as fuck nowadays. You can get terabyte hdds really cheap. There is literally no excuse unless you are a kid or have no disposable income.
>Not being an easily swayed retard

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Best waifu edition
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You should have posted Kouko.
I didn't watch it, how do they pronounce Braunschweig?
Don't know, I didn't pay attention to the German words

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Can we have a Yama no Susume thread?
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Can we Fuck Kokona?

No we cannot
Cumming inside Kokona

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Why do normalfags want to see anime end so much? Are they that damn used to their 12 episode shit?
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conan should've ended 5 years ago
No thanks, considering the decline in modern anime, we have few enough shows keeping anime alive as it is. We can't lose another one.
>it's another cyanide poisoning episode
>it's another cyanide poisoning episode
>it's another cyanide poisoning episode
>it's another cyanide poisoning episode
>it's another cyanide poisoning episode

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Remember when Jojo wasn't a meme? Why did the 2012 series have to ruin everything? The Jojo fanbase is cancer now.
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it was the 2014 series that ruined everything. the 2012 series was the only good installment of the franchise.
KONO DIO DA xdxdxd!!1!
>Remember when Jojo wasnt a meme?
>Literally posts one of the oldest Jojo memes ever.

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Reminder that Umaru S2 is happening whether you like it or not

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I like it
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never forget

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