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Honey is best space girl
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If Eromanga sensei and Oremi are both at the same universe.

Then how come in the Oreimo universe they are still using flip phones.

Meanwhile everybody in eromanga are using touch screen smart phones.

Busted and exposed!
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sagiri can alter the universe at will.
I've seen plenty of anime and live action jap shows and they have plenty of shows that take place in the current year but still use flip phones.

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The end is near. Who will the Shindobowl? Or will there be a winner at all? Place your bets.
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>Who will the Shindobowl?
What kind of question is that? Tsukai already won.
Not according to the episode guide, oddly enough.
>fujos still in denial

Why does a Necromancer need plate armor?
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Because she's a shitty necromancer. Seriously, a necromancer that wears plate armor can't cast spells.
>one of the best silly comedy harem shows with a cool MC and all girls are best except Sera, but season 3 never
Thanks, DEEN.
She wants to up her defense.

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Was Toguro natty?
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he's a better villian than frieza

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ITT: Post happy things.
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The next two pages are the saddest
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You are a dick.
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I hope they BTFO Eriri and Utaha's new team
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Utaha a shit.
Nope. Tomoya ends up working on the kamige Fields Chronicle with Eriri and Utaha in the novels.
Really, what role does he play there. Stress relieve?

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Why manga artists are so delusional?
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is...is the difference really that big?
>japs having big eyes
>tall and slender
>large bust sizes
>impossible tier hair
>perfect asses
>will practically put out every chapter
>Why manga artists are so delusional?
Might as well be

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>Araki: "I believe that people are able to grow by overcoming obstacles through the power of the human spirit and strength, and that, I believe is “an affirmation that humanity is wonderful”. Within ‘JoJo's Bizarre Adventure’, there are fights and stories that involve various elements. However, in the end, people pull through without relying on machines and divine beings to determine fate themselves. Drawing people like that is my ‘affirmation that humanity is wonderful’".
Suck it, all you manga/anime creators like Togashi who still indulge in teenage misanthropy.
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I thought this picture was banned?
Only the 6mb version.
There is literally nothing wrong with Togashi, retard.

Alright so how many of you chumps do I have to defeat to claim my waifu all to myself?
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you can have her anon
you can have her anon

You can have her anon , im done raping her in the ass.

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>(Soichiro Yagami looks directly at the camera)
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>Back in Auschwitz, a furnace could go through six thousand a day. How much can I go through with the power of god in my hands?
Let me tell you about anthills, Light.

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Non-Slice of Life anime that does Slice of Life better than most Slice of Life anime.
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Gintama is a meme.

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Cyborg/Cell arc>Boo arc>>Saiyan arc>Freeza arc
Prove me wrong
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Pro tip: i cant.
I basically agree.
Freeza was the best arc.
Anybody who thinks the Cell arc was the best is a fucking idiot. It's objectively the worst written arc, and the Cell Games is the worst part of the entire manga.

Looks like a girl, everyone thinks she's a guy, where's the fucking logic?
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What? Why are you calling the handsome a girl?
I thought a reverse trap was that they look like a boy, but that they're actually a girl.
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>Anyone even bothering to make reverse traps look like a dude anymore.

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How did they get away with this?
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Cock means chicken in many countries
How do you get away with posting shopped images on the internet?
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They push out turds like this as well.
KyoAnus is disappointing.

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