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How would you put Sagiri in her place?
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I would put her butt on my face, and lick it while playing with her cunny until she orgasm all over my face, and drink everying up (including accidental scat); I'd be her human pleasure toilet.
That would show her.
Drop her series and shift+del all episodes.
Tell her that she has no real connection to her brother other than tragedy. That she isn't even blood related to him and is little more than some stranger with familiarity only in the legal sense.

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Keions are now bullies, mainly to you. but which is the meanest of all and why?
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>implying I can stop myself cumming to quantify which one is bullying me the most
Mugi makes fun of the size of my penis relative to her usual class of sex partners.
small dick shaming for you.

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Why are evilfus always better than the main girl?
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because you are a pansie that need a girl to protect him

Name me 3 anime that are better. Just try.
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Mobile Suit Gundam
Space Battleship Yamato
Shin Getter Robo
Rose of Versailles
Ashita no Joe 2
Black Jack OVA

Rurouni Kenshin is still one of my favorites though.
Now this is recommendationfagging.

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What are some anime that might not necessarily be good but effectively shaped the course of the medium? What shows re-centered the zeitgeist and made the medium take the form it currently assumes?

Fuck it.

What I'm asking is how the fuck did it come to this?
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It all returns to K-On and Sword Art. Didn't do it first, but they probably directly inspired the most people to rake in the cash. Don't watch any school battle so I don't know where the powder keg was for that.
Urusei Yatsura's influence can be seen in pretty much all Sol and Harem Anime.

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What's the point of using a medium like manga to tell a story if you're just gonna bloat panels with text boxes?

HxHcucks will defend this
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it's just beyond your intellect :^)
HxH isn't the only series that does this.
someone post MB

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Is this actually any good? never seen any threads about it.
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literally the best ongoing manga
explain further
Good humor, good translation, hilarious scumbags and pretty girls.

all to a university/ocean backdrop. What's not to like

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>It's a Rin getting fingered and raped by the old principal chapter
Why did the author do this
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Shining Finger!
searching for this was an odd adventure.
I came up with Kodomo no Jikan pretty quick by googling the character names, but the first few images I saw looked too cute for that page.
Then I decided to actually try the manga and sure enough, this was it
Technically she was about to but started to have her period.
Shit went down and bye bye principal but yeah, it slightly went in.

Literally the best girl.
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Not even the best girl in her own series.
Delete this.
Fuck off.

What is she saying?
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the pleasure of being cummed inside

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"Kyoko" gave an Umaibō (a delicious stick) to "Madoka". (The label says, "Unmaibō" for copyright, though.)
What does it mean? Is "Kyoko" in a relationship with "Madoka"?
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I wanna suck Kyoko's delicious stick!
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Yeah, I believe it's for helping "Sayaka"!
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Me too Mana, me too.
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This comic is decidedly less interesting on pages where you don't get any colorful thoughts. I mean I understand that not every page will have them, but that doesn't stop those pages from being less interesting.
Disappointed croissant
Now if only Nanako would be more proactive.

I genuinely enjoyed reading Nisekoi
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I watched Kemono Friends just so I can join the squad who derails the Stalker Threads...then I unironically fall in love with the show
I haven't watched an anime as it was airing, from start to finish, since Madoka
1:1 adaptions are boring.

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Exactly how much story content is omitted from Kai?

I'm deciding on which version of Dragon Ball Z to watch, and while I do want the redone voice work and faster pace in Kai, I don't want to miss any actual story beats or villains.

Is the garlic jr saga the only one that is entirely omitted from Kai? I was hoping that Kai would rely on more condensing Zs content as opposed to removing it entirely.
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The Otherworld Tournament with Pikkon is also removed.

I'd recommend watching Kai up until the end of the Freeza Saga and then switching to Z, keeping track of which filler episodes you want to skip or experience as you continue.

Also, are you planning to watch it subbed or dubbed? Regardless, my answer remains relatively the same.
Dubbed. I'm also watching DB first which a lot of people reccomended
Yeah, then my answer definitely stays unchanged in that case. After the Freeza Saga in dubbed Z, both the voice-acting and music significantly improved.

I'll probably get a lot of shit for this but I greatly prefered Faulconer's post Freeza work over the original Japanese music.

Some of the tracks were just too good:


I want to cum on her forehead and wipe it clean
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must follow the proper procedure
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I want to cum on her forehead and smear it evenly with my flaccid but still throbbing dick

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