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Whats the deal with this stupid fucking trope that the main protagonist is a total fucking pussy loser who cant control their emotions

cant they write another fucking war for us to empathize with the protagonist without making them a fucking annoying bitch boy sick of this fucking trope its turning me off from continuing most anime

this is a world where they trying to say what everyone isnt born equal but they made a total lose with no fucking skill a deus ex machina just to make the MC that fucking pussy boy trope

this shit is some of the laziest writing
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It's Boku no Hero not Ore no Hero, you were warned from the start you were getting the beta pussy MC forever, at least he isn't Tsuna.
Stop watching/reading battle shounen.
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want to but cant find enough of what i do want to watch / read

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Gotta love that tacked on last paragraph.
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"""With Best Personality"""
What personality?
pacifism. Check the comment section it's fucking funny.

Why are there so few genuinely funny manga. It feels like there are only 3 good comedy manga that give more than a chuckle
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There's plenty of funny manga. You're just not Japanese.
Jap comedy is incompatible with your dirty gaijin sense of humor.
Japanese humor and lack of timing.

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I want to abuse Louise!
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Louise deserves many doujins with ntr, ahegao, double penetration, bukkake, mind break.
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But why would you do that when you have the ruler of a nation right there?
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Fuck, wrong image

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And I thought arc 3 was fucking edgy... seriously. What's the point of this shit?
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That is his most gruesome death so far even in the WN, the scene where he strangles Ram to death right before getting his head bitten by Patrasche might be close.
I really wanna hear an answer to my question before this thread dies so have a waifu, you fags love flocking to worthless bickering baits so maybe this image will help. Don't you dare entering this thread without answering me.
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pic related

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>20 years later
>this is STILL the single greatest piece of animation to come out of Japan

How did they do it?
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Just what you'd expect from the master, Anno
I would argue the disappearance of suzemiya, is as good and in some cases better.

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Kale btfos jobgeta.png
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She won't leave without getting a piece of some saiyanlets first.
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real thread
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remove ayy

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Love Live Sunshine was indisputably the best anime of 2016

Prove me wrong
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Happy 2 year anniversary.
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What's the name of this form?

I'll start:

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>Alliance of Free Planets
>futuristic modern society, industrialised, developed worlds, huge cyberpunk tier cities, scientific minded people.

>Society is fucking pre-industrial agarian, people ride around on horses as transport, farming is done with literal hoes and hand tools and shit, the vast majority of the population are literal illiterate serfs. In the towns, villages, we see they still use fireplaces and fire torches for fucking lighting.

>Series has to make the Alliance go full retard to even give the Empire a fighting chance.
>Every time Yang is about to make the empire eat shit and die, some asspull happens that forces Yang to go back to the capital and deal with political bullshit.

Lets be honest here, the without the ridiculous asspulls the writer does, the Empire would have been pretty much defeated once Iserlohn fell.

I mean, that fucking joke invasion of the empire where they just rush in and get surrounded and annihilated. That was just flat out terrible writing. "We're not going to listen to all our generals and the fucking hero of our entire nation, we're going to listen to fuckstick retardo over here, 1st day on the job, with the legit the most worst, most amateurish strategy thought of in human history".
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why is the detective conan anime from 1996-2001 so damn comfy bros?
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Because his face is still round.
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S'not. Anything with drama or actual conflict isn't comfy. Now pic related on the other hand...
>you will never suck on Ran's beautiful toes

What's your favorite Ghibli film? And who is your favorite Ghibli girl?
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Nausicca is best
1-Howl's Castle
2-Porco Rosso
3-Spirited Away

still haven't seen all of them though, but that's my top 3
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>1-Howl's Castle

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My boyfriend!
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That's a cute boyfriend.
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Wonder if Saku ever spanked Nono. She's pretty much her dad.
He's mine now


Art style looks great, although the animation seems weird in some spots. Anyone else interested in this?
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I'll watch it when its out.
Gorgeous. It's more tough to constantly draw thicker lines for every frame but I didn't spot weird parts.
Looks pretty western.

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Why did he name his wife after Kaoru?
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