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You know your life is over but you can take at least one to hell with you
How do you proceed?
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The Dragon. Gabriel can work her way out of hell and Umaru can't definitely survive down there.
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I'll take all of them with me.
I would rid the world of umaru.Im sure my sacrifice wont be in vain and peace would finally reach earth

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Who will voice Chio and Manana in upcoming anime?
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Kitta Izumi as Chio would be nice.
Tomoko Kawakami and Miyu Matsuki.

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I wanna fuck Griffith.
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Berserk has not been good since Albion

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idk why people dont like the rebuilds, its more interesting and fun to look at.
and a hell of a lot less nothing and people being sad
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Asuka and Reifags got butthurt that mari is best girl while she has like no screentime
honestly i forget she existed, if she doesnt do anything important in the next movie ill be very confused
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/a/ doesn't like how it went from a /deep/ anime primarily about the childrens' emotional crises to one that's more conventional big-ticket entertainment

theyre being pretentious fucks as per usual, as if there's no way people can enjoy both

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does someone wanna explain what the fuck i just watched?
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A great show :)
the twin peaks of anime
The girl's guilt over letting her puppy die manifested as the puppy character (who protects her from thinking about her fuckup) and eventually Shounen Bat to "punish" her but also "excuse" her because hey you can't get mad at her this kid tried to murder her!

The meme of Shounen Bat sticks in society's head, and the rest of the series is (mostly) people stressing to the point they manifest Shounen Bat and he knocks them all out too.

The cop duo cause the kid who imitates Shounen Bat to kill himself and get fired because they're so sure he's real.

It's not 100% clear if the damage all this is causing is real or not- the young cop thinks he has to fight on that level (believing so hard you make stuff real- like him thinking he's a knight/hero). When Shounen Bat comes for the older cop's dying wife, she outwardly rejects him- accepting that hey, life can suck. Shounen Bat flips the fuck out and goes on a rampage which is again, not 100% clear if it's really real or not. The older cop rejects the fake world everyone has created (which has created the puppy character and Shounen Bat) when his wife passes, and tears it all down. He accepts his wife's death, and his new lot in life.

The girl comes to terms with killing her puppy as a kid years ago and the fake world along with Shounen Bat disappears.

The younger cop is institutionalized, but he ends up recognizing the pattern and that it'll happen again- just in time for another cute animal mascot to show up with a similar creator.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>"Ayo Killua! Wassup mah nigga?"
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Kite isn't coming back, you know.
but he came back as a ginger loli
Huntards are cancer

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Do you think with Blue Jacket series airing on Adult Swim, casualfags will finally start pronouncing his name correctly?
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It's French, ain't it?

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>13 years old
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As long as their assholes are tight enough, then who gives a fuck.
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It happens. Pic related.
did you read that jailbreak one, Buraiden Gai? Those middle schoolers were all as wide as the stuff who guarded them.

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the weekly hiatus is over
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I hope Camilla isn't as underwhelming as she seems.
do we have spoilers yet or is it just that untranslated page?
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Left or Right?
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Sun >Moon

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Defend this.
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Wall Street Journal?
>just pretending
lurk for 2 years before posting
I don't know what the fuck this is even, but /pol/ was right all along.

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Can i watch akagi without knowing shit about mahjong?
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Just read up on the basics. The plays are nigh incomprehensible anyway, but he anime does a good job at selling you how pimp Akagi is.
You can but that would be like 20% of the fun you could have got.
Just read the rules and play some games online Mahjong is not rocket science.
Play the singleplayer flash game for half an hour or so until the basic nature of the game clicks. Even without knowing how the game works the first night is pretty crazy but knowing even just a bit how the game kinda functions makes Akagi's thought processes seem to be on a whole other level.

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I cant believe i didn't hear about this until now but BLACK LAGOON IS BACK!!!!!!!!! Ive been waiting forever for that damn jap Rei Hiroe to make new chapters. Lets just hope this time he doesn't stop making chapters or else I may have to kill someone.

This is also a general black lagoon thread!!


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2 chapters have already been released.
where the fuck have you been? everyone on /a/ knows about it
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don't rise to the bait...oh shit
lost in space i guess

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What do you guys think about this?

Is watching releases on streaming site "illegal"?
Is downloading subbed version on HorribleSubs "illegal"?

Personally, i think that if they down want people to watch it online, they should make it either more available to people outside of Japan or just dont charge 30 bucks for 3 episodes

I´f i´d wait for BD´s to be realeased here in germany i´d have to wait for months, sometimes even years. we dont even get all of them here.
And since german dub is gruesome, i cant even begin to watch that without thinking about suicide.
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>Is watching releases on streaming site "illegal"?
>Is downloading subbed version on HorribleSubs "illegal"?
Not where I live.
Nips watch anime for free on TV
Im just leveling the playing field
Paying to watch anime is retarded and anticonsumer
Nah, they can go fuck themselves. They chose to ignore the western market for decades, and have cultivated the Jap market to fucking absurd price points. Let them burn.

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