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So you were going to kill yourself this summer? Guess not.
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I guess I can wait until Fall.
Watching this show made me want to kill myself. It sucked that hard.
The japs know how to formulate a premise. They don't know how to execute them. Then the industry adapts them just cuz.

God, I can't wait until Japan gets nuked again.

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(raw) manga-friends, is this good?
there are just 5 translated chapter, so it's difficult to tell

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>shit MC
>shit villain
>shit heroine
>shit side characters
>shit plot
>shit dialog
Was Death Note a fluke after all? this manga is so crappy it makes isekai looks like a fucking masterpiece
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Help, I can't stop listening to the opening theme song!
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Do you want the song in 96/24-bit FLAC?
I have it.
I also have the ending and the mini album
Not op but i want it

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fuck this guy
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He's the one doing the fucking.
>ywn fuck Charlotte
>ywn have Charlotte and Griffith fighting over your dick

>jap knows the skyrim meme
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Dud, that meme even made its way in some weeb games like neptunia or disgaea for years.
That saying didn't originate from Skyrim
You don't even know what weeb means, normalfag.

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Tell me /a/, are you up for a stream once the final 2 episodes have been released?
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It is a mystery series after all, still not a fucking clue why they decided to release monthly. A much better series to marathon.

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You're now aware all modern anime design is based on drawing the head of a 5yr old girl on top of a grown woman's body. Do you feel disgusted at yourself yet?
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It only makes my dick harder.
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Not at all.
Not really. Neotenic facial features are universally attractive on women. This is just another reason to prefer 2D.

Why the FUCK does this not have an anime adaptation yet?
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Because life wasn't already awful enough
Who would voice Takagi?
I'm asking the same question to myself everyday about Kaguya-sama.

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Can someone explain these elf ears throughout Stone Ocean?!This shit has been pissing me off for a long time and no one can explain to me the reasoning behind it!No one has noticed this shit besides me!Someone give me a clear cut answer for the love of god!!!
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Its a jewish disguise, you'd know this if you read the manga.
It's Stone Ocean. Aside from writing Jolyne with stereotypical Daddy Issues, anything goes.
Lurk two years before posting or else find another site, you fucking newfag.

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Who here was disappointed with the end of the to love ru darkness manga with Rito's decision to only chose one women and no prologue to tell you what happened to everyone else?
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It didn't end. It's simply the intermission between act 2 and 3.
this >>159415271, but I never expected Darkness to end just like that, at least I didn't expect Nemesis to suddenly push the plot and essentially forced Rito's hand
Look I was in denial as much as everyone at first but yabuki clearly stated that he has no intentions of continuing TLR and even floated ideas about making a magical girl manga next

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>Tsuredure Children anime
>Best couple isnt going to appear
What did they mean by this /a/?
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but best couple already kissed in ep1
But thats wrong, the only acceptable close second to Toda and Sunagawa is Gouda and Kamine
I agree, they are the best couple. That couple is the only reason I want to keep reading the series.

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Kino Thread
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I wish all the robots weren't fucking CG and the tournament fights were hand animated, it's not like there was much going on in them anyway. Either way 6 is a good boy and I fear what Tenma might do to him to fix his pacifist ways.
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You can never go wrong with a Kino thread.
Does this have any redeeming qualities?
I tried to watch the first episode but the horrible exposition killed it for me

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why are they inside a vagina?

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Waiting for spoilers
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Beat me by a few seconds
Those are some nice trips.
Do you think Fit Gum will win?
When are we going back to the girls?
Will Nejire get her own moment like Amajiki and Mirio?
What do you think her quirk is?
How do you think it feels to have a quirk that allows for flying?
Why does she ask so many questions?
Do you think she eats dragon pussy?
What are Ochako and Tsuyu even doing in this arc?
Is Bane going to actually put up a fight against 4 girls?
Is he gonna get some backup?
Why are we still here?
Do you wanna have sex with Nejire while she constantly asks you questions like this?
>Amajiki and Mirio were friends and now best 3
>Nejire doesn't fit in this

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