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>Sucy: was abandoned as a baby left with a bottle of poison, she is obsessed with mushrooms and poison to find the ingredients of what was left with her to find her parents, there is a clue about this in Episode 8

>Jasminka: Always emjoyed giving out sweets to people, but inside her lies a powerful demon which forces her to constantly eat to keep it sleeping.

>Constanze: When she was sick with a fatal illness and the only way to cure her was to remove her soul and put it into her little robot familiar, this process removed her ability to speak as well as curing her.

>Amanda: Grandmother was a great Psychic who was able to keep her family wealthy by her predictions, after her death Amanda's family forced the responsibility to be a Psychic to make the family money, which is why she is such a trouble maker to get expelled.

This is the backstory as said by the LWA cast at the Studio Trigger panel at AX this year. Also the show was a little rushed so they were unable to put this into the series
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>no subject line
Try again.

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Mayushii is doing Gravure, will this make WUG more popular?
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You got a code or a link?
lots of people do gravure

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Trap Idol showing his boner to the teacher?
Just like in my chinese cartoon porn.
King of idol needs more love.
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>trap idol
I hope this becomes a recurring character in idol shit
King of Idol, I think
>try hard

Oh, it looks like the Japs finally realized they ran out of shit to release.

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Dumping ch72 raws
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New Harlock movie trilogy announced.

Gainax and Yamaga are working ont it.

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They surely are milking he old classics.

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What happens when he kills Kalluto?
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Please... No more rubber nen.
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It would be more interesting if it's Kurapika the one that kills Kalluto, positioning him against the Zoldyck, including Killua. These two are going to stomp the spider.

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Can we get a Hajime no Ippo thread? Am I the only one thinking that this series is very underrated?
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It's was a popular series but it's waaaaay too long.
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Ashita no joe is better and shorter. Get on the winning team.

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Is she the most underrated Kyoani girl?
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That would be Tamako.
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She's kind of shit, famm.
>Retarded side-tail
>Entirely symmetrical beautymarks for some reason
>Her entire point is boobs, but not even best boobs of the season (Darkness, KonoSuba S1E9)
>Annoying tsundere that abuses the MC #25338
>Only behaves somewhat reasonable when the MC turns into a child
Worst girl in her own show (Rich girl, Enigma, MC's mother(Enigma), Ruru and even Coitus are all better), worst KyoAnus girl. Sento blows her out of the water in every possible category, even in the "being a tsundere without making you want to kill yourself" category. And then there's that meme girl everyone keeps telling me can beat me up, she's a qt too.
Stop self-inserting

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Where did this come from? So far in the entire manga chiyo has never shown romantic interest towards kiyoshi. It doesnt feel natural. Is hiramoto just trying to fuck with us hanafags?

Also why are chapters coming out so slowly now? Whens the next one?
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>So far in the entire manga chiyo has never shown romantic interest towards kiyoshi
Go through the manga again. You'll find your answers.
>chiyofags being delusional

No surprise there. No its always been one-sided until now. She thinks of kiyoshi as a sweet friend but that's it.

This is an alpha male.
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This is also an alpha male
Is the age of Onee-sans(male) upon us?
muh dick.

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see characters like these?
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Move over for the one true Megumi.
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bullying them




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kiznaiver op.webm
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Didn't the singer dedicate the video to his daughter and then die?
..yes ;_;
Fuck, now I have to listen to the song.

Post your personal "rolling around the bed" moments of pure joy and happiness.
>mfw Kyou-chan and Ruri started dating
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>Sakaki got a kitty
You spelled A-kun wrong, OP.

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Why the fuck are they keep sasuke so hidden

They making so much gaiden but keeping sasuke and the rest of the world hidden after 15 years we still dont know much about the outside world

> didnt give us fucking jiraiya exploring the world now they wont even give us sasuke
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who cares
world building is more important than characters building if the characters building is through shitty slice of life the story rearly every leave the village
Narutards really do type like underaged cancer.

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If only.

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