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What went wrong?

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>What went wrong?
>Post the best type-moom thing ever made.

You are what went wrong.
It ended.
Extra and everything that followed.

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Why does everyone think Madoka is overrated reddit garbage shit? The only real arguments I've heard can be boiled down to
>Bad characterization

Lmao what the fucc?

>Beautifuly designed character that showcases perfectly how you may act tough on the outside but can be just as vulnerable as anyone else

>Obviously caring individual who slowly realizes the inevitability of the situation

>Shows that even the most noble or selfless person can be changed

>She was a bitch at the end, and even when she proved not to be a bitch in the end it didnt fuckkin matter lol

>Even though she believed that she was the only person who could do anything all she did was fuck shit up more

>B-But muh reddit 2deep
Lol top zozzle kys
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Smug anime girls talking shit are on the same level as facebook minion memes, grow up.
Sayaka was tumblr incarnate.

>The world was not so bright and not so pretty
>So I killed two innocent dudes on a train

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>it's a sports anime
>Characters don't have superpowers
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>it's a sports anime
>that was the joke
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>Its a sport anime
>its actually good
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>its a shonen anime
>MC is told by the mentor character about a super special technique that takes decades to master(bankai, kamehameha, etc.
MC dissmisses the technique since he doesn't have years to spare.

Does Sturgeon's Law apply to anime and manga?
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It does to any medium more or less.
I'd say it's pretty accurate, maybe 85-95%, depending on how jaded you are.
I hate it
But I didn't watch Tsuritama, doushio

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Shonen Jump mobage is out.

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This is Loli Mercury
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Eternal lolis are the best.
When was her last maintenance check?

What happens if two people from diferent worlds go through the door at the same time /a/?
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>create a world where each character has a wacky unique power
>main character's power is just "punch hard"

Why does manga do this? Luffy, Gon, Naruto (rasengan), and Midoriya all suffer from this. JoJo suffered from this too, but evolved over time.
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Because simple is best. Being able to punch shit really hard with bullshit effects such as creating wind or some shit is simple and looks cool. And anybody can punch. Not everyone can shoot laserbeams with their eyes, and you can't fight that.
Technically his power is stopping time.
Punching hard is just something the stand of anyone who can keep his cool can do.
Luffy and Naruto at least have interesting punchy powers and other shit going on.
I mean it's nowhere near as bad as Star Platinum's "Trivialize the villain of the week by punching really fucking hard and nothing else" shit.

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No, she's my wife.
She's cute.
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Worst girl, annoying as fuck, Nono is even better than her

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>Character unleashes insane hidden potential stronger than anything ever seen before
>Next chapter introduces new villain of power greater than that

What are some common tropes that you are sick of
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>series centered around high school girls
>they're all virgins/none of them have boyfriends
>series centered around high school girls
>they all either look 26 or 11
If there's no threat, then there's no story.

Why didn't he just kill Lelouch?
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He did in the end, and for THE FUCKING PLOT!!!
why didn't he kill him earlier tho?
Because they are friends, you faggot.

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This show made me happy and sad at the same time
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Looks really good, visually
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Also, confirmed to air on Netflix
>melodramatic shit with pretty visuals: the animation
>directed by the Your Lie in April guy
Well that makes sense now
Looks like a solid adaptation the more I see, looking forward to it. We don't have a confirmation on episode count yet, do we?

God damn, they're really taking over.

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Oh no, you have impregnated the last girl you fapped to and now have to take responsbility. Would you start a family with her?
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Our honeymoon is to the nearest abortion clinic.
I don't even remember the last girl I fapped to.
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