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not a single fuck2.jpg
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Season 2 where? I was promised more dangos. WHERE ARE MY FUCKING DANGOS????
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I liked these early LN adaptation. Shame both this and chrome shelled regios died on shitty sequel-less endings.
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slayers hanny.jpg
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>these early LN adaptation
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>early LN adaptation

Spoilers soon
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Guess I was a few seconds late
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Lady building.png
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I want Hori to reveal that Toga's real form is like a middle-aged man or something. Not even to ruin it for the people that waifu her. Just for shitposting.

Look at this Nep that I just found
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Put her down before she kills someone
The anatomy of that picture is absolutely garbage
When I say go, get ready to throw

Prepare for the same posts like usual.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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>Bert cock is in Armong
You Bert fags are delusional

Find a flaw.
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None. I love WUG.
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Pretty funny, considering at the live show they made such a big fuss about "no photography" and "no panty shots please"

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What's the deal with his sword? It makes no sense. How do you go about making such a sword?
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Grind the blade on the side that'd normally face the user and leave the spine on the side that faces towards others.
Put the edge on the other side of the sword
Just fucking google "sakabato" and stop making nonsense threads.

What the FUCK am I watching?
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A good ass anime.
One of the best anime ever made.

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Lets play: Guess the Character by their Butt!

Starting with a very difficult one. Post butts and other anons try to guess.
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We need a new chapter, when is it coming?
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Murata said soon
Soon as in this week?
File: 1498065512259.png (637KB, 1600x1150px)Image search: [Google]
637KB, 1600x1150px
C'mon guys. Who's gonna post it?

File: katakuri.jpg (110KB, 692x307px)Image search: [Google]
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Title: You can do it Caesar!

Caesar cries as he holds Bege and flies through the sky. Perospero created a candy wall to stop him getting away.

Ichiji, Niji and Yonji come to Caesar's aid. They break the candy with a combination Attack 'multicoloured bomb'.

Du Feld is sneaking through the castle to find the Tamatebako. He sees Stussy behind him. She shoots him dead with a flying finger gun.

Stussy was from CPO. Morgans appears and Stussy panics. She tries to open the box but it falls down the castle.

BM and Luffy in G4 face off. BM hardens her palm so that it is hard as steel. They both say 'I'm gonna be the Pk!' But take no damage.

Luffy says he will beat Kaido and then it's BM's turn. BM says he will never beat Kaido and she will never let him get away.

Judge arrives to back up Luffy. But BM breaks his lance in one attack and takes him down.

The Vinsmoke boys turn away from Caesar and head towards Judge. Katakuri appears in front of Caesar. Ichiji holds off Katakuri but Brûlée joins in.

Caesar turns around. Luffy, Sanji and Germa have collapsed. However the fallen Tamatebako explodes just before BM can execute them.

End of chapter.
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Big fucking Meme tanked a KING KONG GUN like Kaido in the opening.

They are. I don't understand this post. Both in design and actual power
Really? Are pics out yet

File: Untitled.png (908KB, 1360x765px)Image search: [Google]
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But then who was phone?
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What inclines people to seed anime? What reward do they get out of it? Is it to promote discussion on a show?
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It's the closest they get to giving their seed to anime girls.
I rest my case.
Source on that picture? It's cropped and I'm not getting anything

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Why is manga always in black and white?
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cheaper and easier to print on newspaper quality paper
Because coloring costs money and it takes far more skill than you'd imagine to actually pull off.
have you seen the way some of the artists color in their drawings? it's better this way.

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Post some lips in this thread
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File: 14976335435050.png (160KB, 600x286px)Image search: [Google]
160KB, 600x286px

It's here senpaitachi. Only 1 left but it's still a delight to listen to Risa-chan once again.
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
File: 1483844271287.jpg (960KB, 1283x1640px)Image search: [Google]
960KB, 1283x1640px
I'm going to marry Natsuki-chan!
File: 1485950910938.jpg (180KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
180KB, 1920x1080px
Iie, senpai. Himeragi a cute. Although Natsuki-chan trumps them all.

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