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It's Tanabata in Japan, anon!
What are you going to wish for?
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There is nothing I particularly want
If I wanted something I'd work for it instead of wishing for it
World piece.

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>prodigy-level intelligence
>insanely hot, extremely cute
>main problem is that she is literally so perfect that her daddy can't accept it
>and she browses on anonymous image boards and posts memes, just like you!

Sorry, this is an unrealistic character.
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we know 3DPD
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Dont tell anybody but i found this digging in a cellar.
>she browses on anonymous image boards and posts memes
Into the garbage it goes.

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>when you get into a series and soon realize that best girl has 0 chance of winning.

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do you really wanna be cucked that badly?
It's bound to happen sometime.
I always root for the underdog, so the more dim the girl's chances are, the more I like her. Naturally, shrimp is my favorite girl since there is no chance in hell of her "winning."

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Good thread.
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my 05 altima is dieing at 200k miles what the fuck nii san

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Don't even pretend this isn't one of the best animated films of the decade.
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i'm begging ya, on my knees even

go back to >>>tumblr
in terms of animation quality its great but the content, and story leave a lot to be desired.
Its literally the worst movie Ive ever watched in my whole life
I went to theaters to watch it to finally be done with this poor excuse for a franchise and even the smelly weebs there were fucking bored and bashing it
A friend of mine even left the theater in the middle of the section and everyone was laughing about how bad it was on the exit
Its just this fucking bad

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It's summer time. Which anime girl would you take to the beach so you can see her swimsuit?
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Left only for me, please.
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Could you fuck off with your thinly veiled "adult women are the best, lolis are disgusting" thread?

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>second season adds another exclamation mark to the title
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A very easy way to tell the show is a product and not a piece of art.
Pieces of art are products as well.
There is no substance to that statement.

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K-On!: 9/10
K-On!!: 6/10

What went wrong with this disappointing piece of shit?
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It is you who went wrong.
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Low-effort bait thread.

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me on the right

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>bird saying meow without any clear explanation given
What did they mean by this?
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2deep4u otakubait.
it might hold no meaning
I say retarded shit for no reason all the time
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>snail being ridiculously cute without any clear explanation given
What did they mean by this?

Is Yuasa about to make AOTD with this one?
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Yuasa is the Imagawa of our generation
I hope so.
Netflix is truly saving anime

Beating them with the dick doesn't count
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>japanese teenager who barely found out how to use magic a few days ago can beat a top tier servant
How's that work?
It's just plotsword
He was becoming a servant himself

Kuzuki cant 1v1

Both of those require prep, only Shiki has/can killed servants

>he watches anime that doesn't finish up in less than 32 episodes

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
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Any manga that can't tell it's story by the 300th chapter isn't worth reading.
Do what- apply arbitrary limits on things like a series' length.

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Do they ever kiss in one of the million OVAs and specials?

What was even the point of the second season? I thought the childhood-friend^tm would push them to become more of a couple, but nothing happened after all.
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the point was fuck you
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No, only Shinka and dess kiss. Kyoani pussied out of the actual kiss, as they almost always do.
Its a kyoani show, there wont be any kissing between a boy and a girl

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