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Will Tamiki Wakaki regain popularity? He has a new bunch of girls for us.

I just want them blushes.
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What ever happened to that ghost bakery thing? Canceled? I was kind of enjoying it, but translation was spotty.
>cross dressing (male) idol
No, this is the worst premise ever.
nope he fucked up his first one then wore out his welcome with wgoketc .

i hope he chokes on his sweets.

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Why did this come back?
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Is Reload Blast a sequel or reboot?
It seems to be a continuation.
Its part of the third manga series I think?

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I'm not even a fan of romance anime/manga. But this pisses me off:
>male & female MC
>they're obviously gonna end up together
>tons of fun bickering, making up, being close, nice moments
>series ends
>absolutely nothing happens with their relationship

What couple is that for you anon?
Fuckin pic related for me.
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They had a threesome with the cat though.
they had a three way with the witch cat with big tits at the end of the manga
picked up

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coffee or candy.jpg
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The great debate
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Coffee first, then candy. Tastes bad the other way around.
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For the first time im tired of seeing the same thread over and over again.
usually I don't mind it because it means were scavenging for news on a hot topic like Muv Luv or experiencing the fallout of some contravertial show, like Re:Zero or Oreimo. And theirs tons of other examples. There are these threads too when the grillbowls just last months, or years, but the Coffe v Candy case has annoyed me as of today. Coffee a shit compared to Crazy Eyes anyway
Both at the same time is the only correct answer.

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Boku No Hero Academia

What did you think of this week's chapter?
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>Two threads at the same time
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seal of disapproval.png
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>We have to wait another week to find out why Kiri likes Crimson Riot
>knowing bakugou before meeting him
Was Kirishima born to meet you too, anon?

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typical isekai plot.png
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are isekai for failures at life who yearn for a second chance? i've yet to see one isekai plot where it's a successful person being put in a place of adversity. it's always a neet or a hikki who gets sent to an alternate world with near god-like powers.
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>I've yet to see
Why do people think declaring their own ignorance backs up their claim?
This. You know there's an isekai with literally Lucifer, king of demons, coming to a new world and becoming an employee of MCDONALDS, right?
That's not really isekai. The 異 in 異世界 means "different."

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Was it a modern masterpiece?
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Daily Reminder 2017 is the year of NTR.
I don't know about masterpiece, but I enjoyed it. I hadn't watched a romance/drama since Chobits many years ago, so it was a nice change of pace. I usually never even notice the soundtrack in anime, but this one was amazing. The animation was really good, too. I wasn't a fan of the ending, but I enjoyed the ride.
>it's really good because people have sex in it, just like real life lmao

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File: gintoki.jpg (82KB, 424x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Will be Better
>Movie poster has no background
First time I have seen such an accurate portrayal of the manga in a live action adaption.
I'll watch it.

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they fugg nise 8 9.jpg
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A-Ararararagi kun fucked Karen, right?
So the bastard has canonicaly
>crab and bee
>bat, snail and phoenix
>licked and touched by
>wants to be fucked by
>doll monkey
Can some one stop this madman?
Why is this allowed in a harem?
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Cause its a harem, faggot
>fucked his sister AND his love interest
Him and Doll kissed. Monkey molested him, possibly far enough to be considered rape.

>You can say that it hurts, for me to see her tiny and skinny body showing the shape of her bones at some places.
>Even if she asked me how was it, my honest thought would be, 'it feels really pitiful'.
He has literally no sexual interest in Snake.

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Today motherfuka

There was a little bit of delay but last episode is finally here.
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Levitan is my sexual partner btw.
Onii-chan please, Levi is not even relevant anymore.
Bahamut is the new MC.

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Who has the biggest kill count in anime?
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This guy, by your logic.
Well he is German.
Shinji, no?

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So, I watched Saki awhile back, and got into Richii mahjong. I suck at it, but don't mind playing against AI to learn.

/a/, what do you know about any richii mahjong sites/games/whathaveyou that allow for a mixture of AI and human multiplayer, so that I could play against a friend without waiting for 4 players?

Thanks, (picture is whatever?)
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Google Four Winds mahjong, I don't think it's free but pretty cheap, and a good AI to boot.
Thanks, does it do a combination of human MP and AI by any chance? (I'll check it out regardless, but ruling things out early on doesn't hurt.)
Use Tenhou you moron.

Is this a masterpiece?
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it was so shitty i stopped watching it halfway through

Frenchies have it good
OP was great.

DD vs CV is fun too.

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tokyo ghoul.jpg
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What was the deal with this?
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