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yukinasa gits.jpg
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Is there a mindset I need to get into to enjoy this? I've been watching the Toonami rerun and while it's a good show, I feel like I'm not 'getting it' as much as I should. I don't if it's the weekly format or what.
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Only high IQs can truly appreciate this masterpiece. Low IQ brainlets such as yourself shouldn't even bother watching.
whats so great about it
absolutely everything

Why the actual fuck is there a menorah in Nazi Soldier's bedchamber? Unless he was a happy merchant in his previous life and as punishment he had been birthed as a Nazi I cannot this inclusion of furniture to be plausible in any way whatsoever. Is the reason why he looks such a bitter cunt because he did the 10 chambers into money match and lost both his shekels and his life at the first round of gassing?
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The amount of times I have seen a misplaced menorah in anime, I'm going to guess that nips aren't fully aware of it's meaning and just think it's a decorative candle holder. I noticed it while I was rewatching Strawberry Panic. There's a menorah in a Catholic church.
You know the Nazis stole a lot of artwork and shiny keepsakes, right? Especially from Jews.
Why would they confiscate a shitty candle holder that bears no significance to anyone who isn't celebrating Hanukkah

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>Best anime of the last decade
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
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It was pretty great, but making a blanket statement like that just sounds like you're overreacting. It even had strong competition in its own year, most notably from Sangatsu no Lion.
>Sukeroku fucked Kiku's girl
>Kiku fucked Sukeroku's daughter
Based Kiku
Best of last year but this year there's too much good stuff.

Notably Kino's Journey (Hope they don't fuck it up)

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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More than shonenshit fags do, that's for sure.
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God, 1999 really is superior.
so deep

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>when you watch a series so emotionally captivating that it's all you can think about for weeks
>can't concentrate at work because you keep replaying it in your mind

Which anime was it /a/?
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New CCS anime when
I wanna fuck Sakura
Please die in a fucking fire

I hate this board

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Heaven's Feel mango
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Why are her hands like that?

If she's growing her gloves back, it makes no sense.
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She's a Friend, anon.
No shit.

But they are all "born" with their clothes, why is she growing gloves, it makes as much sense as her growing her backpack back.

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Oh look, another isekai with the exact same first chapter of meeting a merchant, saving girls and somehow being filthy rich with super powers.

I guess this one has a phone so it's different.
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I don't understand the isekai hate, there's a shitload of manga for any kind of idea so why does it get singled out instead of mahjong manga or something else?
More Isekai the better.
You vastly underestimate how many isekai there have been made over the last 2-3 years and how much of them are nearly the same just replace one slight gimmick

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Dio Carl.jpg
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Diver Down. Because it's cool
Same. because when it dives into shit it looks cool as fuck
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killer queen. love the design and it's ability

If, lets say by chance, someone/something was going to be forcing you to watch an anime series on repeat for eternity, wich one would you choose?
Saying no in this case simply equals saying Himouto! Umaru-chan!
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Smart money is on a long series so you don't start over again so soon. For series I've completed watching, I guess that would be DB or LotGH.
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>Smart money is on a long series
One with a lot of episodes?

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No kaguya.png
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Were is my Kaguya time? ;_;
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Hold on, jag-sama shall come and grace us soon ;-; I'm also waiting
I thought it was on break this week
There was a raw dump a week ago, so no.

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What are you watching this season?
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time for the backlog
>Hajimete no Gal listed twice under "Basement Dwellers"
good list
I'm watching the quizz anime, correct that

ITT girls who are most likely to be squirters
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You mean pissers
Sento is so ugly.
Aqua. All aquas.

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Saber is going to bed now. Say: "Goodnight Saber"
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No sleep for Saber
Fuck off, fake king.
Good night, Saibah

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So we can have actual good dancing animation without QUALITY, CGI or rotoscoped garbage.
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>good dancing animation without QUALITY, CGI or rotoscoped garbage.
You mean the first [email protected]?
They aren't big enough yet. Maybe if they successfully become more mainstream.
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Why are there pure trash idol anime so much fun to watch? They are. I'm just wondering why.

Also where are the gifs of the Elementario fairies from Amagi Brilliant Park?

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