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Kill, marry, fuck, adopt as daughter, sexually enslave one.
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I just want to fuck all of them (except maybe Chiya).
Marry sharo, fuck sharo. Don't care about the rest.
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For all

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ITT : Quality animes that /a/ never talk about
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Being random genki nonsense before it was cool
Bloodberry is the best girl.
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Posting at odd hours when the only country that cares is asleep edition.

snag em here: https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/953440 or https://nyaa.si/view/936371
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Baian has the coolest attack out of all the Mariners.
Thanks anon.

But really it's such a shame that Toei fucked the BDs so much, I don't know how they can look at it and say "this remaster looks good, let's sell it"
Yeah the BDs are hot garbage.
I'll release a DVD batch once everything is said and done, but at the rate I'm going that won't be for quite a while.

Damn, they really dove right into it. Didn't expect this in the first episode.
So how are you enjoying the most patrician of anime genres right now?
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Can't get enough of the threads
It's trash, and not even the good kind. I'll keep watching it regardless just to see someone admit they're gay or bi.
>Deciding it's trash after 10 minutes
Admit it, you're just a pleb

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What does it take to get a hot guy (female) to fall in love with me?
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Why aren't the chapters being uploaded to goddess.
Think I'm a couple behind already.
I dont know
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This panel strikes me as something that belongs in an h-manga. Raino is cranking up the semen demon dials with every appearance.

Find the scanlator's website and rectify that shit. I would but I don't think I even remember my ftp credentials.

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Do I have to leave this board if the only anime I've watched that predates 1988 are clips from future funk videos or is there still hope for me to not be a normalfag pleb
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watch gundam
I watched G and Zeta, the rest don't seem nearly as good so I haven't bothered

wait those are both 90s right?
Zeta is from 85, but it's a sequel to the original anime from 79 so I don't know how you managed to follow.

>anime is by Funimation
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Agreed, it's the worst studio.
What anime did Funimation even make besides Lucky Star?
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>anime by crunchyroll

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So, is this AOTY?
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>most of these threads get 0 replies
>the scan group can't be assed to keep up with the raws
I'm thinking no.
>/a/ doesn't like it
That means that it's good
It will be a fun watch, maybe. For sure one of the top this season though

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When will they marry?
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>Will Mika and Yui marry?
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Soon I hope.
I lost track of the manga recently Is she still burning?
What is even happening in this lately?

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reminder rolling girls was aoty
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There are like 3 really good episodes.
underrated thread
best thing about it was the fact they used songs by The Blue Hearts in the sound track

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What was Anime like as a Hobby in the 90's?
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you imported vhs tapes from japan
and watched them with your friends and you'd try to figure out what characters were saying and what was happening
like trading a ton of shitty vhs ovas
- sending away self-addressed stamped envelopes containing blank VHS tapes, then excitedly waiting two months for the distro group to e-mail you back two episode of Kodomo no Omocha
- endless trips to Suncoast Video
- considering yourself smart when you avoided buying pirated fansubs at the comic book store; bought pirated Chinese wall scrolls and SonMay CDs instead.

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>Mobage anime
>Chink anime
>More and more anime on Netflix, Amazon and even FUCKIGN Twitch
What the fuck is this timeline
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Anime has become mainstream and normalfags just fucking love the ironic weeb memes.
I only have issue with Netflix because of their faggot system of withholding shit and then releasing it all at once.


I remember the good old days of Justin.tv streams

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Was it rape?
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Any girl wearing shorts like that wants to be raped
She's a slut; thus it can't be rape. Next question.
It's rare to see such intelligent comments back to back so early in a thread.

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Why do you hate him again, /a/?

He just wants to help people.
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Delete this senpai
He's the only old man in hentai to ever evolve from faceless to being given a face.

ITT: Eva clones that were better than Eva.
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How about Rei clones that were better than Rei.
It was good, but it could have been a lot better.
The ending felt rushed and the animation was pretty bad overall.
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I don't see why not.

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