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>Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu translations are 3 volumes behind
>no release for a year and a half
>amount of translated isekai revenge power-trip manga has spilled into the double digits

What the fuck has happened to scanlating?
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Buy the mango, they got too BTFO by 7seas.
Volume 7 is slated for release in 2018.
Unless they go full speed, I don't think they will catch up.
Plus, monster girls are falling out of popularity, that chinese anime won't survive long and all the monster girl series will die out of popularity and eventually gone forever.
Say buh-bye to that.

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ITT we describe an anime in 4 words or less. I'll start.
Hunter x Hunter: The thinking man's shonen.
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Hunter x Hunter: O, MY RUBBER NEN
Hunter x Hunter: Gay clown and shotas

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This will be the art style of the anime.

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Weren't they replaced by better looking counterparts for the anime?
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So that's where the money went
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where do i can sign up to protect my beloved queen
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see you on page 10
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do NOT use dia to shitpost
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For me, It's Strike Witches, the greatest anime of all time
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Agreed. Strike witches is my favorite anime of all time too.

I don't exactly get this thread. but here have a lanc
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I agree. The Suomus LNs and various manga are also really enjoyable, at least the ones I've read.
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There's no individual thing that makes strike witches stand out above its peers, but when everything is added together you realize just how great it is.

Its the little things too. Like yoshika defeating the neuroified Akagi by crashing her zero striker unit into it.


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What's she holding /a/?
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A watermelon, are you dumb?

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He's more of a child than Goku and a hell of a lot stronger.

If he goes too far will Goku have to put an end to him?
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Note is pure!
He's fucking God, how can anyone stop him?

This arc is going to end up with Zeno agreeing to not destroy the universe

Grand Priest Seals the two and orders the angels to destroy all the loser universes.

Gods and Heroes vs Angels

Few Angels defect the rest follow through.

Final area is Zeno where they get their shit stomped in by the Grand Wizard.

Zeno and Zeno just break out of the seal.

Grand Priest apologizes and all is forgiven

Restores all the universes

Gives Goku the Super Dragon Balls

Goku wishes to experience another tournament like that.

Super ends with the end of Z

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anons whose waifu has tons of nasty doujins (rape, mindbreak, etc) how do you feel? do you fap to them? is it wrong to fap to them?

asking for a friend
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I fap while crying.
Yohane a cute!
It's fun to imagine that it's consensual role-playing. Though if there's more than 1 guy/girl, then it goes into the rubbish bin.

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So when it will air?
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Nene is the CUTEST!
She better not hog all the screen time this season as well I swear to god

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>advertise it as one of the greatest anime episodes ever
>it's just a neet and a cuck talking on a balcony for 20 minutes

What went wrong?
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All the best episodes in television are bottle episodes.
Nothing went wrong as Re:Zero went on to be big franchise in Japan.

BD is over 10K average.
#1 LN sales.

Will have a huge stage at their publisher event this September. Expect a second season announcement then.

What's funny is the next arc they are adapting is even better.

It will only get bigger and bigger both in sales and acclaim.
I'm still mad.

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Things that SRW fixed from Cross Ange.
2. Ange's starting angst: Judai from gundam fixed her up
1. The bullshit kill steals: Celestial being bought them and put a salary system
3. Hilda's abused by the police: akito tenkawa beat them up before they can even touch hilda
Sadly, they didn't fix the deaths of those girks at the beginning.
I have no idea why i put the 2 before the 1.
I still don't understand why they put Cross Ange on SRW.

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How would Anno handle a Fullmetal Alchemist adaptation?
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He'd make great use of the god theme.
He will throw some random shit and people will call it art.
Maybe well, since he made other animes and people have loved them

Didn't see a thread for this already. What's /a/'s thoughts on Knight's & Magic?
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fun and cute girl on left
literal shit
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The mecha otaku aspect feels a bit tacked on and gives the impression it's only there to keep this anime from being too generic. So far it doesn't seem like it has that much impact on the story and the main character could have just as easily have been someone who happens to really like those mecha knights and nothing would have changed. I also can't tell if the MC is actually aware of his past life or not. He mentioned the terms "robo" and "programming", but otherwise hasn't said anything about our world or his past life. All the same the first ep was kinda fun.

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Left or right?
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Too smug?

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More like if you wanna see some cucking. The Soul Society arc was glorious. Urahara said some shit about love being sharper than any steel but I guess Kubo gonna Kubo.
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SS arc >>>>>>>>>>>>>> HM arc >>>>> shit >>>>> Quincy arc
How the fuck did he even manage to be a ginger gook

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