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What the fuck was her problem? Why was she such a bitch?
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Why is any woman a bitch?

....lack of dick. As in penis envy.
Being alone at her age, that's why.
Because nyamo beats her at everything were you even paying attention.

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>make new edition
>fucking up the backs

literally no new berserk can be good
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I fucking hate Dark Horse. They should really just stick to their western stuff instead of pumping out abominablely large omnibii and they have the same issue with the spines with Gantz. But mainly I'm just mad that they discontinued Eden
>murrikan can't in manga

what a surprise

There were three whole years between Eden 13 and Eden 14, but 14 still came out. Don't give up!

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Was she crazy?
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Terribly so.
That's why i love her.
Crazy in love.
crazy edgy

Is this a masterpiese or just generic boring anime/ manga? Is it even worth watching? Can somebody post some frames from manga or tell if there are any intefesting story lines in Brynhildr?
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I like the gachimuchi remix of the OP. Funny
It's a sexier version of elfen lied I guess.
Everyone except MC is a witch, except it's actually aliens and/or hungry gods. Half the cast dies, except those that upload themselves in magic VR for all of eternity.
Trainwreck/10, would reread.

People say that he isn't as smart as the show portrays him to be due to "not showing the audience how his plans work".

What do you think, /v/?
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Excuse the small, blunder.
Too late, you're getting lynched.
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What's with this show? It's really dull and I didn't expect there to be so much fujibait
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This has to be the first time aside Natsume Yuujinchou where I genuinely saw it as male bonding and not some fujo pandering.
Also expected the guy on the right to be annoying, but he's actually pretty cool, hope he scores best girl Class President. Aside those points, I also thought it was pretty boring and the animation was pretty subpar at points.
I laughed when the girl ran out the store at the end and the guy took a while to go after her, but when he caught her arm they were still in front of the store. Will continue watching, I guess.
I was going to watch this for Kamiya. But if it's really boring and mundane I won't make the same mistake like I did with Fune Wo Amu.
what fujobait?
That guy is best boy and has best taste

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How would you handle this situation?
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Fuck my dad.
>come in me son!!
Surprise for a bit

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Which characters you hate have the same voice as you're waifu?
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Mine shares the same voice as Kirino and Azusa. I'll let you guess who it is.
I can barely tell the difference between characters of the same gender, only ones of different genders. The only other instance where I can differentiate is by way of goofy voices.
My waifu doesn't have a voice yet.

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>mfw I'm still alive but Hei isn't
life is so fucking unfair i want more of chinese electric batman godfuckingdamnit
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>Darker than Black was 10 years ago

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Shura is the biggest slut in anime and mango, say something nice about her!
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She is like a ugly version of yoko
I think I watched her anime
Nice ass

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What is /a/'s thoughts on rampant Germanophilia in anime?

> random German words in names
> mangled German pronunciation
> not!Bismarck clones
> German "magical" elements
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You need some positive gaijin to balance out all the Americans.
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they miss their nazi waifu
Maybe they miss the good ol' days of the great Japanese empire and their friends from the axis.

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I cant find any of the following on tokyo toshokan, is noone working on them?

Knights & Magic - there has to be someone, right?

Fate/Apocrypha - what the fuck? seriously? noone's working on this?

Hajimete No Gal - well im reading the manga so is not that big a deal but it feels weird

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - this one is pretty dark so i guess i shouldnt be surprised but still...

Centaur no nayami - cute centaur girl doing cute things... how come noone is on top of this?
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Learn to use a search bar, bud.

Netflix has lawyers you don't want to mess with.
>fansub groups

Boichi plans to make a sequel to SKR, but is too busy to do it now. Expect it after either Origin or Dr. Stone ends.
He also got a proposal for a SKR Anime once, but declined it when his Editor told him to wait for a proposal from a studio that is good enough to replicate SKR's art style.
Also he'd prefer a Live Action Adaption over and Anime anyway.

Source: https://boichi.com/ask-boichi-festival-answers/
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>Sun Ken Rock
I know we all hate the ending but I doubt the anime will reach that far and maybe who knows he might even change it.
>He also got a proposal for a SKR Anime once, but declined it when his Editor told him to wait for a proposal from a studio that is good enough to replicate SKR's art style.
So never ever

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Stella C3-bu should have been about Yura's delusions, just not the way that we got.
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She was supposed to be Gainax's Akko but she became too tryhard.
it was really underrated and somehow even managed to be the worst selling anime of its season.
My biggest disappointment is that there's no decent porn.
What a waste of character designs.

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>He doesn't watch 80s animes
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>phone poster
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>He watch comfy shows
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>He doesn't watch 60s anime

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