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Our beloved series is now a fantasy anime, how good is it now /a/
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FUCKING isekai
>Doesn't involve a retarded NEET who got sucked into an alternate reality
Kinda hate it tbqf
Good enough for you to post in the thread thats already up.

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Evil Cat
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is cute
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And sexy!
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atalanta 15.jpg
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The cutest!

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Be honest , would you be a villain
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I don't have the guts to make suffer other people, so no
Yes, but not with these faggots.
All depends on the quirk I got.
Let's be honest, around 99.9% of the population has some useless quirk that can't help with being a hero or a villain.

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Why Do You Love Her?
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I want to fuckk
report this gay shit

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What are your part 9 ideas /a/?
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Fuck it, let's do this
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Jotaro comes back.
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The story so far...

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>159515233
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Requesting Tessou wearing a pillar of hats (front cap, side cap to lef, side cap to righ and cap back) using glasses upside down, potato chip duck and one eye closed doing a w pose.

More wacky than this can't exist.
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Kajo Marina ref.png
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Requesting Kajou dressed as Marina (tan girl/octopi on the right) radiating smug
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Noire Team Rocket.png
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Requesting Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia dressed in Jessie's Team Rocket outfit from Pokemon. Give her a smug face and maybe have her hands on her hips.

Have her also wearing similar earrings as Jessie, and if the picture is colored make them blue instead of green.

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Das it mane
Carol BTFO
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Look at all that shit on her sweater and face. I hope Kou shows up and cements big brother even more
I wanna facefuck her startled face.
>still no hiatus

That's fucked up.

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How many levels did the Nazarick get to play around with? At one point it says that around 200 NPCs with an average level of 80 were in the throne room. That's 16000.

[Spoiler]Also Mare to win the Ainz-bowl[/Spoiler]
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It's called pay to win aka cash shop items. Tabala used a bunch of money to make that horror room. The base has a "base" 2750 level however.
That's alot of cash items, I assume. Though Ainz spent all of his money on the game so maybe he helped contribute
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If you could desing one maid what desing would you use?
What race and what role would it fill?

So we know that the dub is trash, but can we at least admit that Andrew was improved as a character because of it? Dude was pretty bland in the JP dub, so I appreciate his added attitude in his english voice.
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It's already been a couple of weeks since the show ended. Is this everything we learned post series?
>Chariot isn't a natural wonder woman, she's constantly magically enhancing herself and needs glasses
>Holbrooke knew who she was the entire time
>Croix was arrested by magic cops
>Chariot still goes by Ursula to the other staff and students
>Diana and Akko see each other as rivals
>Hannah and Barbara started paling around with the dweeb patrol before Diana was formally invited to their gatherings once a month
>Diana kinda overdid her first outing with the dweeb patrol by learning to make snacks that included everyone's favorites and providing the silverware and table.
>Now that Akkos learned to fly she now has to learn how to land.
>The backstories for Sucy,Amanda,Constanze and Jasminka are true to an extent
>Lotte originally could take spirits into herself to access the ability of said spirit,such as taking a sword spirit into herself would make her a swordsmen
>There's a book coming out later this year with short stories, interviews, artwork and backstories for all the mob characters.
>The video game will get a western release, it takes place within the Television continuity right before Croix appears.
>There is going to be an OVA in edition to the video game
>Shoehornfag was absolutely right about Andrew, the only thing stopping it from actually happening were the producer,writer and director realizing that Akko would have been defined by her desire for his dick rather than her own character and scrapped it last minute.
>They wanted to show more of sucy's kindness and some of the other character's backstories but ran out of time.
>Among the staff the most popular LWA characters are Diana,Chariot ,Akko, Croix and Sucy
>Hannah and Barbara's last names are Parker and England, both are british.

Is this all?
That seems about right, yes.
Did Tattun or anyone else say anything about the second card?

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>De gozaru!
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Did they make her overwhelmingly best girl on purpose?
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I like this cat better
I like Brioche the most but she's a close second.

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Does yuri add depth to anime?
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It attracts cancer, like yo>>>/u/
Not depth but it does make it better.

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What a naughty little assassin
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fucking redditors making nonstop threads for no reason
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Why are there so many of these?

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So this is what life is going to be like? A war between Caulifla and Gohan until one of them rings out?

We all know Gohan is going to last longer than her right? Right?
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Leave Zeno To Me

Is there a scientific reason why she is so stupid?

I have a hypothesis. Everybody knows that Aho loves Bananas and she eats a ton of them. And its a well known fact that Bananas contain Potassium-40, a radioactive substance emitting ionizing radiation. Each Banana has gives a dose of about 0.1 µSv ionizing radiation. Therefore, I believe that Aho was irradiated stupid
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Not possible. There was a video by veritasium on youtube that calculated you'd need to instantaneously ingest 7 million bananas to be severely damaged by the radiation.
She was already aho before she had her first banana.

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Sluteora is best Metchin
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Sluteora > Infodump Meteora
you mean
Cumdump > Infodump
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gils cant.jpg
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Will moeblob defeat Altair with the power of yuri?

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