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Who is the better MC? Reiner or Eren?
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both pieces of shit
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First for based captain Rico
Reiner has got better flashbacks but he doesn't seem to have any goals or purpose right now except hope that Falco gits gud and to wait for the sweet release of death.

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Is there a single anime girl with cuter panties than Megumin?
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Where are the stains?
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Akibastrip Idol Dance.webm
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All the girls in Akibas Trip
Scratch that. Is there a single anime girl cuter than Megumin?

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Three Tailed Lucky Beast.png
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Looks like the concept art Lucky Beasts from the guidebook are getting fan art.
This is cursed.
Looks like a fucking care bear

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Where were you when Prushka was kill?
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I was home enjoying the great scientific triumph
Nice spoilers you got there.
What!? The heart of Prushka stiill alive!!

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Discuss the chapter and any other content pertaining to the Boruto series. Try not to be faggots.
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>discuss Naruto
>but try not to be faggots
This doesn't even make sense. Fuck off, Narutards.
>Shojoji has green hair

What color did you think he'd have?

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Would they get along well together?
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For sure, they have a lot in common. Although Spider-Man would have a hard time understanding Deku's obsession with being the "Number One Hero".
Peter is like a nicer version of Bakugou, so maybe. I think people tend to forget Spider-Man is frequently a huge asshole, especially when younger.
I think in terms of superheroes Deku and Spider-Man (teenage version) have the most in common expect maybe Jamie Reyes (Blue Beetle)

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Chapter's out.
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ITT: Anime moments that made you cry

Just watched it and fuck, that was hard
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short girl child.png
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Got me real good when I first watched many years ago

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2nd for stop this gay shipping shit
Guys when is the next Q&A, I can't miss Tattun again

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Already forgotten?
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This show only appeals to people who've played the game so it's understandable that it won't reach a large audience.

Also nosubs
This shit was fucking AWFUL.
>Also nosubs
This. I'm watching this show but it's hard to talk about it when subs literally nowhere.

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is she our girl?
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UTW is shit
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Reminder that HE is a pussy slayer
Pick none.

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read the guide buyfag.moe
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Stop buying with your dick.
Continue buying with your dick.
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Joke is on you, My dick assumed control of my wallet since a while ago

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This is legitimately the most complicated anime I've ever watched.

Not even joking or being ironic.
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Reminder that Ange is the best, the BEST

Literally did nothing wrong.
Sagrada Reset is still airing you know
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>teleports behind you

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shitty chess.png
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Quick Anon!
Another Holy Grail War has started! You must summon a Servant before you miss your chance to participate!

Which Servant do you summon?
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It doesn't matter which class you pick. The power of your servant completely(!) depends on his historical prototype, so this thread is pointless unless you want us to name concrete people.
I'd summon Prophet Muhhammed the sorcerer. We'd conquer the Earth easy enough.
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>you will never summon Scathach
Just off me now

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U7 final fighters.jpg
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These are your Limit-Break x Survivor tonight.
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ToP canon participants.jpg
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