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Early copies are out
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Waiting for b patiently
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>Cat udders

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Alchemy can turn boys into girls. Will this grand revelation spell the doom of team Symphogear?
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can't wait for her to die
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References in AXZ when?
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I love dmjii

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Do the Iida Shuffle. DO IT.
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Did they skip over this convo? I saw it in the PV, but not the episode.

I guess they're moving it to post Stain and putting all the AFO stuff in one spot?
I'd shuffle his truffles if ya catch my drift...
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Have you seen this girl , she's wanted for murder

Your move, /a/.
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Log out because this series shits on lolicons.

If the best defense is a good offense

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Friendly reminder that Sumire is beautiful.
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Sumire needs to stick around and win Boruto
>no hanabi

shit poll

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wake up gohan it's all over
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I want to FUCK the rabbit
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It's amazing how many "DBZ fans" aren't actually Dragon Ball fans at all. You hate the original music, the original voices, and the original dialogue. You only like the bastardization of the series that Funimation released, and you hate their fix of it which is DBZ Kai.

You're not fans at all of this series.
I'm up to the newest episode.

Is Piccolo dead for good? I thought the namekian dragon balls already brought him back? Also it's cool seeing form 3 Frieza in super

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As long as those smiles are there
Wanna keep on shinin'!
I'll stake it all on my ultimate pride
Wanna be the perfect
No matter when, we'll believe
In our tomorrow
Now, on wings of courage, Just fly away!

We are future idles!
This song of the soul (Slice through the darkness, coord of miracles!)
Clash heads in the live that transcends space and time (The real fun's just getting started!)
For our dreams to gather within our hands
Let's go, towards the ultimate future
Never give up! Never give up!!
Never give up!!! Never give up!!!!
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I want to fuck Lala.
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Good start!

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ACE! ACE! Ping Pong music collection is out!
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>1 seeder
>3 completed
get it while it's hot
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someone already made this torrent AND created this thread
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>is the OST out?
>is the OST out?
>ACE! ACE! Ping Pong music collection is out!
>page 9
So it was just a meme afterall, whatever.

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Would you take her virginity?
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sexual intercourse is for gays and losers
yes but i kind of doubt she still has it to be honest.
still, seems like alright relationship material but
>probably kind of boring to be around in general
>acts like she is your mom
>very, very dull in bed. maybe her inexperience is cute at first but that gets old

this community is becoming shit in record time and I want to see it go all the way
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I like how we all lie and pretend we know what's happening.
Post best girl.
I like your lies.

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>tfw isekai spends 10 text-heavy pages describing how the menu system works
Holy shit please stop, it literally doesn't matter in the slightest since the author has 0 intentions of following their own rules anyways.
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>the author has 0 intentions of following their own rules anyways.
really that's what I hate the most about this shit

if MC was restricted to the rules of the world people would probably like RPG mechanics more
this. Look at HxH, whose convoluted nen system is just glorified RPG mechanics. But no, every Isekai authors just had to go with the "kek jk, the Gary Stu character doesn't follow the rules of the world, fuck you readers" tired BS
The author does in fact stick with "their own rules". They just start off by giving the MC different rules from everyone else.

In the case of this story, I remember the WN was fucking boring as fuck, because it was 90% grinding in a dungeon, and the world literally being a video game.

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shuppatsu nano da

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Predict future deaths and who will kill that character
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best girl
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Annie hopefully. Whoever kills her, I don't know who, will be one of the best heroes in the manga.

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Why is Ozen the best girl in the Abyss?
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How many chapters are translated?
She's a big girl

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Am I the only one that wished they made the erasure of Universe 9 more brutal? Like show people running from a crumbling world to only slowly start losing parts of their body until they completely vanish. Show cities being destroyed, families being torn apart. Like have a mother find her kids missing and go to ask her husband where they at to find him gone as well and then she slowly dissappears along with her house. All the while the screams and visuals of the erasure is broadcast to the people within the World of Void, to really show what could happen to them, making the universes' fighters fight harder. I don't know, I just think it could have been done better
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Leave Hit and Jiren To Me

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