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Harem thread
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Shitty seasonal meme girls.
Terrible taste.

>dumb tomato
>calgary flames
I'm so, so sorry, anon.
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Akane Minagawa.jpg
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Patrician taste.

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Who's going to watch the livestream here? Just five more hours.
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Any subs pick it up yet?
what channel?
>Still no simulcast announcement from CR
>Most likely won't be picked up by an actual sub groups

Remember that show you really liked that didn't get a season 2?

Umaru is getting one.
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She'll even get a third season. Just wait.
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>stealing another show's shitpost OP
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But Umaru was a show I liked.
As written in the Jumpu scrolls.

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Heaven's Feel Movie I.jpg
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So how exactly are they gonna handle the Heaven's Feel movie trilogy? Where are they gonna leave off at each point?

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Part I: Ends with Shirou embracing Sakura in the rain.

Part II: Starts with Shirou giving Sakura his blood, followed by the two fucking. Ends with Shinji's death and Dark Sakura's awakening,

Part III: Starts with Dark Sakura capturing Ilya, ends with the True Ending.
>Part I: Ends with Shirou embracing Sakura in the rain.
My soul will never be ready for those feels

Well, each movie will be 2.5 hours, so calculate it accordingly. 2.5 hours is around 5 episodes worth, maybe six or seven if they squeeze all the time they can given there are no commercial breaks. So about 15 eps worth for the trilogy.

As they are trying to keep surprises, Sakura being Rider's master is not known yet, so the target they want to go for is that reveal. They will get all the Saber bro moments out of the way here before she gets assimilated. At the school, they will have the reveal where Sakura defies Shinji, burns Shinji's book, goes nuts when he splashes the aphrodisiac earring on her and puts herself in a coma should he the tail end of the movie where Shirou is told to make the decision and they both get tricked by Kotomine. I see them having the hug in the rain at the end or they might save that as the opening to the second movie.

Either way, the second movie will go into day ten and go more into the relationship with Shirou and Sakura, as well as other relationships. The ending could be when Gil gets eaten and Sakura shows up at the doorstep in tatters the morning of the 13th day, or they might squeeze things out for when Shinji goes full retard and tries to rape and blackmail Sakura, then gets killed, which cues her half merger with AM. Closes with either this or her going after Ilya. I hope they make it clear Ilya knew about a lot of this situation but was steadfast about completing the ritual, despite the taint corrupting Sakura. There are even some who read HF that didn't pay attention to this.

The last movie is their chance to show a lot that was vague in HF, but they don't have a lot of time. They should show Ilya and Sakura talking in the Einzbern castle, where she is being forcefully transfigured by AM. I could see them rushing the chase in the woods to save time, but they will have Nine Bullet Revolver of course. They MUST have Archer possessing Shirou and doing things when he blanks out. End as in novel with True End.

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Bondrewd 3.png
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Season 1 will end right here.

I hope to be proved wrong.
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What chapter number was it again?
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first for best dad
Original ending

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read the guide buyfag.moe
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Kekko Kamen forever!!!! Where can I get that figure???
Is she nude?
it's a 1/3,5 figure so I think she'll be expensive,

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SDBH manga 3.png
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>Leave Jiren to me
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Goku vs Zamas final clash.png
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More tan for Goku because tan reasons
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Thanks, based anon.

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Why is Chise EASILY the best girl/liar of this Season?
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Looks like a boy to me.
>Not Ange the master liar and cutest girl herself
>Frilly dress with a katana.

Why can't anime be this good
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Rips when
try later tomorrow its only 4 episodes
seriously good shit
Because they are just 50% made by Koreans instead of 100%.

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Lying is not a virtue.
What is the point of this general?
This is your spy for the evening

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mpv-shot0009 (2).jpg
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A new thread to wait for the subs.
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When is the next yyy live event or con?
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NoWaYu anime when.

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Less than 3 months until Shiageluck saves Raildex.
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Bitches and Whores
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Do you wish for a new season?

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Why is Negi's taste so shit again?
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Scans fucking where?
I thought this manga was supposed to be about Eva getting her happy ending. What the fuck happened

Akamatsu is a hack

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Reminder that Chiri is NOT for lewd
You're one year late.
Wait, it's been a year?

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Mi Pequeña Dama.png
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I just remembered this movie, I saw it when I was a little kid like 20 years ago, it was in Spanish though so I didn't understand any of it, you should watch it with me /a/

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there's both a series and a movie, I only watched the movie as a kid but I'll see which one downloads first and go with that.
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as expected this series seems to have been particularly big in spanish countries, I don't think I can find the series with english subs
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neither seems to be downloading, maybe this isn't going to work out

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