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ITT pure girls only, slutfags fuck off
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Good thread
return to start, do not collect 200$.
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Even kissing makes her blush.

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Thousands of years from now archaeologists will dig up the remains of ancient society and find your anime collection along with all your figures and merchandise.

They'll use it to determine what life was like back then, what'll they come up with?
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Nothing because it will be all encrypted.
>what'll they come up with

That Porkchaco is shit.
You can't encrypt a figure.

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ITT: Post the "O MY RUBBER NEN" moment of the respective series
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ITT: Repost the "O MY RUBBER NEN" moment of the respective series because I missed this thread last week

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subs out: [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_02_[h264-720p][5CC3C3F5].mkv

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>28 hours
Well it's not like there's alternatives
1st for jeannu a nigger
Alright anons, the conclusion is forgone, but lets see which one /a/ prefers.


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How would Dragon Ball Z be treated like if it aired today? Would it be worse or better than how Super is considered today?
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The Goku being an alien would probably be considered jumping the shark.
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Eleven left to go.

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>Hey sir nice Festival
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Annie is the best.
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>I die to show Zeke is bad
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Erwin is so perfect.

Why did Asuka come back at the end of EoE if she was eaten instead of tanged?
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Implied that the dead may lose their bodies but the soul is eternal.

Technically all that were dead were in instumentality, including Yui.

Tang is where we go when we die? I don't know it's anno, fanwank something
Wrong, when we die our soul remains on earth until the chamber of guf is opened

>victorian england
>girls dress like 1800s aristocracy
>yuri undertones

Literally WHO is the target audience for this show?
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Picked up.
Not me this time.
Manly men who are not faggots like OP.

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What the FUCK was this guys problem?
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The movie practically spells it out that the events of the series have left him post traumatic and obsessed.
hearing his jap VA for the first time was great
Was the movie seriously three hours?

lulz no fucksssss were given during Universe 9's erase. Much more lulz from the angels coming in future episodes........
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Is Whis gonna be our Lucifer boy? turning against the God ( Zeno ) and the angels?
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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11 left to go.

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No pen thieves allowed.
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i haven't watched this since like ep4 what is the show like now
it feels like around 10 episodes have passed

>china dress with a girdle over it
What kind of retarded costume is this?
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back support because her giant hands are fucking gross and a strain on her back
Considering underwear-over-clothes is a superhero standard, it's not that stupid.
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I love Momo

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Why is Quwrof sad?
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Tears of laughter from how hard he demolished Hisoka.
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He hasn't been getting any
His tears are too shiny and the glare is reflecting into his eyes, making them water more

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Wow DMJii sure were great this episode.
I have a feeling there was someone else who did something, but I forget. It probably wasn't important.
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I refuse to apologize to that fake!
>stuck waiting for commie
>they will now they their sweet time because they are not pressured by some random anon's subs

Just connect my shit up, senpai
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I want to fuck Lain
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