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I'm a huge fan of the manga but i dint see much discussion on si i wanted to see what the people of 4chan had to say about it
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I'm a huge fan of the manga but i didnt see much discussion on so i wanted to see what the people of 4chan had to say about it (sorry i didn't spell check )
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pretty good stuff, interesting but believable depiction of BDSM

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What did you think of the new chapter?
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I liked this series more when it was just Chio alone being a gaming autist. It's still good, but now it's just about perverted schoolgirls.
So just the first chapter then?
Nah, I liked some later chapters too. Secondary characters got too prominent over time. Mostly it's just Manana that annoys me.

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WaSuYu movie 3 is out.
Yushabu short sub soon™


Reminder that Symphogear and Madoka are trash and shouldn't be discussed here.
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Reminder that Sonoko did nothing wrong and didn't deserve the suffering she got.
I have seen that ribbon somewhere before.

>Symphogear and Madoka are trash
Well then don't blame anyone if we get shitposters.
What have we done to get a shitposter to make OP for us?

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It's time.
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brokeback konoha.webm
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Enjoy some muscle shota.
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Why is he so perfect?

Find a flaw.
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Closet slut
Doesn't have big tiddies

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What does the D stand for?
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yeah but what does it stand for?

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Why is she worst girl?
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Karen a cute.
Well there's no trap character, is there?

what the fuck was the artist thinking when he drew her ears?

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Why Giorno such a manlet?
Both of his dads are 6'5

good, 4 was the last good part

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Season 3 when?
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If it ever happens it'll be after the movies.
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Found a higher res version.
When Kyoani accepts its fujo destiny

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Time for another short form manga chapter dump.
This time, I have for you a slightly westaboo mangaka fangirling over US tech industry billionaires.
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Note: not the VA.
She does / has done a lot of BL stuff, as you would expect
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This was written in 2005, but it's aged well

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Choose one, and only one.
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The baby
> Thread
Of course.
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Reminder that this man is a sexual offender that puts his fingers into a woman's mouth.

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Spoilers should be out within the next 24 hours I think, so get yourselves prepared for the oncoming storm.
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This story was made for me...
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So Jobin isn't the main villain? Dolomite saying he's just a pawn in the grander scheme was true?
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Summary of last thread. Beware of spoilers

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ITT: characters pure of heart and worthy enough to wield Thor's hammer
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skeletor, because he doesn't have a heart.
>ITT: characters pure of heart and worthy enough to wield Thor's hammer

Out of the characters introduced at UA, which ones would patrol during the day? During the night? Both? I feel like there are certain heroes in this universe that would strictly patrol at certain times of the day.
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Really? you have to ask?
Best boy honestly
Yeah, but besides the obvious one.

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Deku is for ___.
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Becoming friends with.
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deku hero.png
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saving the day
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