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Mu got stuck in the mud. What a retard. Point an laugh at her.
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Time to grope h.. I mean help her out.
I wanna fuck that fairy.
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>She starts sinking
>sees me
>call desperately for help
>I just stand there as she continues to sink
>her calls for help becomes screaming
>she emit gurgles as the mud begins filling her lungs
>she disappears beneath the surface
>a single bubble floats to the surface
>then nothing
>I look down at my crotch
>I had came

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why is CC so awesome?
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Because she selflessly drains horny virgins of semen.
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how kind of her
She's a stand-up gal and an expert cocktease. It's only natural that she'd help out.

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Fairy Tail 544Page 21.jpg
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i never thought someone would fuck up an ending more than kubo but here i'm .

thoughts /a/
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Mashima has perfected shounen. A dumbass villain with ambiguous stupid reason for wanting to destroy defeated by the power of Nakama. He even upstaged the Courage Punch by making Natsu's fist REALLY FUCKING BIG while he was punching and the rest of the world was sending all their HIGH ENERGY to immobilize Acnologia's body. And now he has a final chapter to for an orgy in the guildhall, and the final terrifying revelation that Makarov is the god of death but also of life and Zeref and Mavis are being conceived right then in the middle of the fuckpile.
fairy tail was always pure shit
this ending doesn't surprise me
Fairy tail was always much worse than Bleach. I still can't believe people would even try to compare the two when Bleach had the SS arc, fights like Byakuya vs Ichigo and Grimmjow vs Ichigo, and villains like Gin and Aizen. There are certain scenes/fights/characters that will always be memorable and special to the readers of Bleach whereas FT never had any of that.

Only reasons why people still kept up with this shitshow was for the girls, pairings, and/or to see it off because dropping it so late in the game was something they didn't wanna do.

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Cakes need love too.
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Go on.
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Perhaps they need love the among among us all.
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>among among

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Archangel Uriel.png
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Sup /a/....

This has been on my mind for a long time. After reading some religious scripture here and there I've noticed a great deal of characters in anime to bear the traits of one character in-particular, Archangel Uriel. Uriel's color palette is predominately Yellow and/or Red/Black, and his powers are that of transmutation and alchemy (especially), fire, and thunder.

I've noticed Uriel is a main character in many anime, but if anon else has any other characters feel free to share....
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Archangel Uriels.png
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Can transmute her weapon and clothes, color palette checks out
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Gohan haters BTFO.jpg
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Threadly reminder that Gohan at his maximum power is as strong as SSB Goku, and he'll soon get a new transformation that will put him even higher than that. If you either don't want to believe nor like this you should just KYS, because it's canon and is what it's going to happen eventually.
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>Gohan at his maximum power is as strong as SSB Goku

Stay asshurt anti gohan fag
Do you think that all the fighters not deleted, their Supreme Kais and their GoDs could together take out the Great Priest and the angels?

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Yamero! Furosto!
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Why the fuck she need that much eyeliner
Hit will job
>toriyama and his stupid senses of humor.

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There is no way she could lose, right?
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The smile was protected, even for a moment.
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ReCreators VN True End.jpg
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Find a fucking flaw
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I cant
She smells like shit
Don't stick your dick in crazy.

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Which one would you rather have? You can only afford one.
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Dunno who they are though.
lurk more

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>Kemono friends
>emono friends
>mono friends
>ono friends
>no friends
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>no friends
>o friends
> friends
Hmmm indeed
Worst friend.
>mono friends

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>tfw nanachi dies
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Strung Up.webm
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I'm gonna post this webm I made again.
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But that will make the best papa very very sad.
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Why do you hate Nanachi anon? All she do is be fluffy and helpful, she is not actively seeking Reg dick or anything

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Is it ok to prefer the right one because I can relate with her autism?
I really like their hands
It's "There can be only one" you fucking idiot, try again tomorrow

What's the point of this character?
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you're right, there is none
To tease my dick with the lack of doujins
To fill all plotholes with lol i know everythign xd

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Do anime characters look like anime characters to each other or do they look like we look to each other to each other?
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They look like Asians look like each other.
God damn I miss best KyoAni anime.
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