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Legal moves only please.
the chess game in Gankutsuo also made me cringe.

Props to GJ-bu and NGNL for putting a real checkmate problems into the show.
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Sasuke, is really cool
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No he's a faggot

They should lock him up for life
>Sasuke will never poke your forehead
why live?
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Sakura, the beautiful

I see what youre doing there

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Was it Downs?
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Autism is cute.
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preach it
I'm rather sure it's a case of ups and downs

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Is this a case of
>the source material is better, I swear
Or is the source also complete rubbish?
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of course the source is complete trash.
How does his phone even work? Does wifi traverse dimensions?
literally a desu ex machina in the form of god's phone number, nevermind the strange area code

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The first part of this was great, but everything after the accident was a mess.
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I felt the same. Bringing in the romance was a mistake since it just didn't work for me; the older step-brother was too much of an asshole to deal with such a sensitive topic.
It had some beautiful rape scenes.
Am I sick for finding them hot?

Everything Ian did was terrible though. He didn't act like a human at all.

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What does /a/ think of "character development"?
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I like it
I love it. It's so quintessentially Japanese.
That for a little while it will fool you into thinking a shit character is no longer shit.

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EMIYA best Fate girl now.
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For those wondering why the numbers are so low, it's because only the TM content creators were allowed to vote.

Supposedly Kirei got 14th place, and Sakura beat Rin.
Tell me about the Red Man.
Why does he wear red?
Hardly surprising.

>can cook
>pretty much a perfect housewife

>not cute
>can't cook
>only exists to devour people's hopes and dreams

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>tarnishing Ryutaro's legacy and replacing him with a literal WHO director
>replacing the iconic VAs with mainstream seiyuu trash
>it's a reboot
>studio Lerche

So, this is guaranteed trainwreck right?
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at least wait for a trailer
Wait til the first PV drops and then we'll know for sure.
It will be Kino

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New chapter
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Reminder that this will never ever be topped.
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Subtle rec thread
It's weird how even when I've been into anime since 1995 I've never watched Cowboy Bebop.

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Will there ever be a more perfect blonde /a/?
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>Two (2) sluts
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Celia is a pure and refined lady anon.

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I think Shinka can destroy 70% of /a/ in a fight.
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She can destroy my dick
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>only 70%
Your faith is too low
At the same time? Yes.

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Akane desu
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I was ready to scream at the dumb things her and her boyfriend got angry and angsty, but then I remembered they're 14 years old.
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Chinatsu is graceful in defeat, even in victory Akane is ugly, so Chinatsu a best.
>Chinatsu is graceful in defeat

>Tried to use the freckles faggot as a weapon twice
>Even at the very last episode she tried to steal Azumi even when Akane was her "friend"

Chinatsu is the fucking worst. Thankfully true love prevailed.

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Can we get an appreciation thread for this masterpiece?
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oops posted the wrong image!
I'm one of the biggest kyoanus lickers there are but even I can admit this was nothing more than forced drama with instagram effects
Watched this twice in cinemas the past week. It was fucking amazing.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's better than both Koe no Katachi movie and Kimi no Na Wa. Suzu getting into depression over losing her niece and drawing hand, then just breaking down at the end of the war after she realized everything she had sacrificed and endured was for naught just hurt so bad.

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Let's do this
So you're not speaking your true feelings, but just snapping at 99fags being overly proud? Just counter back with 2011 webms or something. God.
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How can people not love these boys? It baffles me

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