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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it
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Stop this immidiately
i like this
at least use the normal tuna one

why aren't there ever any big strong muscular girls in shows?
are the japs just beta males that can't handle anything other than moe timid trash?
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Most protagonist in Ghibli movies are strong-willed women.

Is that from Viper GTS?
>wanting women like men

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chapter dump
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Are we all agreed that nailing Yoshiko is bestiality?
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>just an ordinary peasant girl before reportedly accepting divine messages from Heaven
>suddenly starts a winning ran eventually to lift the siege, without specific military experience
>gets captured by the English then becomes a pow out of the blue
>after the historic witch trial, gets burnt at the stake as martyr, which makes her the permanent idol for the Japanese

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Jeanne Alter is superior.
Charisma, guts, and sheer dumb luck?
Arguable, still Jonne is better in terms of cuteness though

No wonder she's so good

>Shana gets mad and says URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI
>this makes you sad and you start crying
>Shana apologizes for hurting your feelings as you sob into her chest
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Cry? Nay, sir. It would make me want to hug her and head pat her even more.
We got 3 series of 24 eps and the series still felt rushed as fuck an very unsatisfying. What they did to the first half of s2 was unforgivable.

It's even sadder becuase Kugimiya Rie will never get a new protagonic role now that she's old.
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>Kugimiya Rie will never get a new protagonic role now that she's old
This is so god damn sad. Fuck I love her voice.

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>just found out Overlord is also a LN and there is a metric fuck load more content after the manga and anime

I actually really liked the lizard men arc. As someone who played MMO's for years and slaughtered tens of thousands of these kinds of pseudo-human beastkin. I myself also made up stories and took interest in their autonomy and how they interact with each other and how they regard the "adventurers" that routinely attack and kill them. Seeing them focus on a group of NPC's given life was a breast of fresh air. Adding even more depth to the story. That this wasn't a simple error that stuck a player in game but that these beings are real and while similar to the game are not digital constructs.
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Can you not start these threads with abysmal pictures you infidel?

Hoping we get to see a lot of cute EE before she gets fed to Entoma.
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>starting thread of image of best girl
Patrician taste, OP.

>breast of fresh air
>pic related
Demi is not that retarded. Or the writer would have alluded to that. Even if he was a ditz that accidentally came up with the right answer we would be shown his inner thoughts like all the other Guardians.

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When will we get more information on their journey to the DC
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That's a weird Killua
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"Q1. When and how did you come up with "Kurapika's Past Events" that was recently released?
T: "When I was writing/drawing the Phantom Troupe arc. Speaking in terms of what volume, it was around volume 10. How many years ago was that... It's been about ten years now. I can only remember in terms of decades since it's all a bit hazy now. Things have been getting very tiring lately, so I don't remember too well.
Why/how I started was because, this was at a time when I didn't think things would become so tiring so I thought I would immediately be able to put it onto paper. So, I wanted to draw out the relationship/conflict between the Phantom Troupe and Kurapika starting from their origins. I thought I would be able to finish it quickly, and I was able to finish Kurapika's quickly. But shortly after, a lot happened and I ended up having to shelve it.""

Is Togashi just finishing Yorkshin with this boat arc?
it's Zzigg

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>Gurren Lagann is older today than Cowboy Bebop was when Gurren Lagann came out
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Glad to see that you also have /a/-appropriate images.
Yeah, yeah. We're old, I don't need the reminder.
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eat shit.gif
2MB, 500x500px

This guy is hisoka. I'm calling it. He's waiting for the spiders to show so he's chilling as a body guard. Then him and kurapika fuck shit up and kill Lucifer. The end.
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Rubber nen logic
>earnestly trying to predict what'll transpire in this batshit manga with no internal consistency

I only read it to laugh at what Togashi pulls out of his ass next
Is Zero still alive? Anime only fag here.

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For me, it's me
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Cute Tea but what?
for me, it's the McNanoha
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Nanoha looks lovely in Sankt Kaiser form

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Will /our guy/ Gohan surpass Goku in this arc?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
He better or dropped!
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Reminder that Zamasu is beautiful

I can only think of two good things about Mami:

1) the right.
2) the left.
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You need to leave.
Me, it's a bit different :
1) the bottom.
2) the to- shit
I can only think of one and its the part where she died

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Shinji is cute.
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Rei is charming.
Fuck off
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Asuka is adorable.

At least I'm never permanently dead.
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Kill yourself.
>Only like 1% of people in boku no academia have quirks that aren't gimmicks and most quirks have to be trained regardless
>Only 1 in 1000 people in Re:Zero have a blessing that isn't horseshit
>Odds are you'll never learn Shikai and get eaten by a Hollow before learning Bankai
>Trash tier Genin in Naruto for the rest of your life, only know one jutsu
>Banned from 4chan because you ate the furry devil fruit
>Bondrewd's needs you to manually juice the lolis
Sounds pretty shitty desu
>Parallel Paradise
Not too bad, I guess. I'm in shape, used to do a bit of martial arts, know emergency first aid.

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Why is Iori best girl in every iteration of idolmaster she appears in?
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Because anal
I've recently begun to think her older design with the pulled back hair looks far better, it would look great with an updated model design like the ones in Platinum Stars
Because of dat voice. (Yes, even xenoglossia)

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