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>Join the Day of Action for Net Neutrality, or else we may all end up banned from 4chan.
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Maybe I'll finally be free.
just move it to a tor domain
Or a country where server costs are cheaper

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to be fair he at least did get a KO
"Leave jobbing to me!"
Still lame

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The good episode is next week.
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Weren't some idiots saying Kuririn was going to get disqualified?
First for caulifla get rekt by goku

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Smug pup should have won fuck Krillin
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Caulifla vs Goku.png
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Hey guys, there's a new chapter out!

Nothing happened.
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>nothing happened
That's literally the whole last year worth of chapters released.
Then WHY can't I stop reading it every week?
There's no new chapter yet you dumbass.
Relife is released on fridays and raws come out same day or next day so he might be talking about that!!

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>Harem Anime
>MC's best friend is part of his harem
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>Harem anime
>not actually a harem

I have never seen a harem-harem anime show ever despite seeing way too many harem shows.
I didn't finish this Anime. Was his best friend really a homo?
I think he ended up being a reverse trap or something

What would you do if you were reborn in another world as a cute little girl like this?
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take advantage of older girls who think that I'm innocent
1. That's a guy.
2. I'll seduce the richest, most perveretd old man and be his fuckboi.
Drown in cocks.

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White Album 2 thread in commemoration of me finishing the game today and losing about 3 liters of tears in the process. Ask this Setsunafag anything and I'll try to answer.

Short jist of it:
Introductory Chapter: Anime did an amazing job of adapting it. Almost nothing is lost in the process except some minor details here and there. The only major thing I can think of is Setsuna was actually prepared to give her virginity to Haruki on her birthday (never really expected Kazusa to appear anyway and went out of her way to pick a bra that was easier to remove)

-Closing Chapter: Occurs 3 years after the Introductory Chapter with 4 routes with 3 new heroines and Setsuna being the true end. If you pursue any other route you get to see Setsuna getting her heart destroyed 3 different times.

-Coda: Occurs 2 years after Setsuna's route in CC. 3 endings being Setsuna's, Kazusa's and the cheating route.
Setsuna's route: Setsuna and Haruki helps Kazusa become independent and all 3 end up being good friends again. Everybody is happy. In this route we also see Setsuna's inner struggle between her nice self and the self that resents what Haruki did to her all those years ago.
Kazusa's route: Haruki betrays Setsuna again after 5 years of being with her. Focuses on how Haruki has to destroy all his interpersonal relationships with friends and family in order to end up with Kazusa. Setsuna ends up miserable.
Cheating route: Haruki cheats on Setsuna but does not completely break things off with her. He has sex with both girls and constantly lies to Setsuna which is slowly shredding conscience. He runs away with Kazusa to the hotspring from the first chapter and there Kazusa realizes Haruki will eventually break himself. She returns a broken Haruki to Setsuna and Setsuna being the saint that she is forgives him and spends the next year rehabilitating him back into a normal functioning adult.
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In Closing Chapter if you don't pick Setsuna the story ends there. If you want to advance into the final chapter Coda you have to go through Setsuna's route, which pretty much means you are forced to cheat on Setsuna again if you want to pursue Kazusa.
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This is still my favourite anime of all time.

Relax and take it easy.
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Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly dressed as Jill from VA-11 HALL-A (http://i.imgur.com/778R8QI.jpg), but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Mamimi References.jpg
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Good evening WWD!

Requesting the following of my Mamimi:

- A recreation of this image, sharing a kiss with my SI in the heat of a moment. Optional: Filled with waifus of the artists choice. http://imgur.com/dcjVpCD

- Sleepy Mamimi

- Cuddling a daki of my SI

- Wearing this black angel wing dress http://imgur.com/dcjVpCD

- In a wedding dress with veil.

SI Ref: http://imgur.com/7U0FVpT

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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Who is the most badass anime character?
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Not most badass but giving some credit where it is due
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ilya cat.jpg
357KB, 1280x720px

Ilya is unironically the most badass anime character ever created.
Cool, cooler, coolest! =! Badass

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Choose wisely anons.

Vanilla or Chocolate?
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Vanilla with chocolate topping
(they both have pink)

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>Kills Gilgamesh
>Absorbs Saber
>Absorbs Berserker
>Kills Archer
>Kills Shinji
>Kills Kotomine
>Kills Zouken
>Kills Assassin
>Defeats Rin
>Murders numerous innocent people
>Makes senpai notice her
>He doesn't mind that she's a slut with worms in her vagina
>Gets to keep Rider after the Grail War ends
>Gets a happy ending

Why is Sakura so overpowered?
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Because she is best girl. The poll ranking really pissed you so much that you had to make a thread?
>Defeats Rin
>Makes senpai notice her
Through pity
>Kills Gilgamesh
That was the shadow
>Gets a happy ending
Not if I am playing Fate. Normal end is the true canon.
Sakura is the only one left standing after she fights Rin, so she won.
>Through pity
Not really. Shirou abandons all of his ideals in order to save her.
>That was the shadow
Sakura is the Shadow. Shirou can tell intuitively before he even knows what's going on.
>Not if I am playing Fate. Normal end is the true canon.

New episode starting.

Husband-wife power!
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18 a cute
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>MFW U9 gets eliminated first
Good riddance.

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Episode 1 of this was way funnier than it had any right to be. The manga is/was a complete wreck, so I expected the anime to be the same. But it's hilariously self-aware and the quips are really well placed and paced.
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Best written romance of the year.
File: i001.jpg (819KB, 2152x1048px)Image search: [Google]
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It actually has QUALITY voice acting and animation for what some dismiss as fapbait.
Gyaru are great

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According to the results of the latest popularity poll from TM, Ryougi Shiki is the best grill again
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Top ten:


Only TM content creators were allowed to vote.
>Only TM content creators

I believe this was a poll for doujin authors unless that's what you mean by content creators.

that's only 9

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