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Why didn't they let Styko-chan tell her tomato story?
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Because from the anime, to the manga, to the model kits, and to the original lore, Stylet is the designated for bully girl.

Also, the FAG bus is getting a model kit.
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She was made for bullying
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Made for bulli.

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easily best girl
I cant fathom why other people could choose anyone over monkey
she has some of the most fun scenes with araragi, best body and 10/10 va

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Which roommate /a/?
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Wa-wa-wait, is this "Kantoku, the animation"?

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~1 hour until subs
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Chapter 46 finally came out. Does anyone care anymore?
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Gonna dump chapter 46.
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I hope that if the princess joins the harem her bodyguard does too. She's much cuter than the princess.
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>implying Shirou can stand a chance against Shiki

Hah, don't make me laugh Fatefags.
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Shiki is a motherfucking badass assassin killa.
Is shiki invincible?
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No, but bananaya is.

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OP's you never skip
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Do you have a petfu?
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get outta here ya furry

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*blocks your path*
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*drops to knees*
p-please m'ladies, don't hurt me! I'll do anything!
What is she taking a picture of?
*whips out dick*

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i want to.png
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I want to protect Rikka.
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>tfw rikka isn't real
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Yo, fuck off. She deserves a thread of her own.

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Best written and designed girl asui
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She's a cutie
Wow she's so ugly!!!!
that braid must be a pain in the ass

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Hello I'm here for the job interview.
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tits or gtfo
Strip naked and get on my dick. I need to evaluate you from the inside.

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The original goal for 20-minute OVA was reached.
Now we finally aiming for much longer and theatrical release with much better quality. How far can we get in following 70 days?

PV: https://youtu.be/FI6r5ecS2wY
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I would like you to remember that in Kudwafter, whenever Riki and Kud do the dirty, a certain darkness overwhelms their hearts and minds.

Kud remembers how she was chained in a cave, standing in a pool of her own filth, getting ravaged again, and again, and again. And she fears she may never experience it again.

Riki remembers that Kud’s first time wasn’t with him, but with several large, dark-skinned men and women. And he wonders if she’s really enjoying it.
Adapt Tomoyo After instead, please.
Haven't seen that one in a while.

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Why won't they make a loli vampire SOL anime like pic related?
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Because that would be boring as fuck
It wouldn't be okay without 200% smug
Kill yourself, you fucking inbread murriclap retard shit.

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