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Who is better?
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Taiga is worst girl in her own show.
Mao, and she's isn't even in the top 5 of best girls in her own show.
taiga because i dont know the other cutie

>At the press conference where Yamamoto unveiled the series, she said she wanted women especially to watch the series. "Our time slot was late at night, so office ladies would be returning home, and worn out from the day, they could have a beer and watch it."

This is the comfiest anime of all time.
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I loved all the Ballbusting scenes.

Non non Biyori is the comfiest anime of all time
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Best girls
Sleeping with the girls would be even comfier.
Neat, looks like Hotaru had a good night.

What's the secret?
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It's truly a miracle how they pick the dumbest shit to adapt
Love in every stitch.
Unironically moe
it's why they've done so well, because they appeal to weebs and normies with cute characters and SoL

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This series means anything to you, /a/? Do you like it? Do you hate it with burning passion? Tell me.
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I unironically like the Yuuki arc and the movie even more. Rest is rather shitty but I kinda enjoy the LNs nonetheless. The anime series is not so much.
I read the first book when they started getting officially released in English. I didn't completely hate it I did finish it after all but I also didn't like it enough to continue with the series.

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haruhi ending.jpg
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>haruhi was 11 years ago
time flies

also anime has gotten worse
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She will return to redeem the medium...
Dudes, Haruhi fucking sucks.
Shit was new for its time but it hasn't aged well. It is fucking boring now that there are like 200 better shows after all these years.
The songs are still good though.
Haruhi is shit. I still don't forgive the Endless Eight.

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Why does every girl never have romantic on nobita?

Expect shizuka.
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Because Shizuka is the OTP.
Because he is a loser.
But I thought they tease that girl with him too?
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Death to Shizuka

New season when?
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While a new season would be nice, I'd like a new manga announcement.
If they decide to restart the manga, we may get a new animated series finishing off Darkness to build up hype, otherwise, never ever.
Whoa whoa wait, what happened to the manga? I'll go Google it in a second, but could I have a quick explanation?

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Why do people so often forget about this master-piece?

He was a better character than than everyone from the manga and it was much more deeper than "muh nazis". Anyway rate my taste:

1. Alucard
2. Schrodinger (best girl)
3. Integra
5. Seras
5. Walter

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Hellsing is overrated trash that appeals to edgy teenagers / manchildrn only.

There wasn't a single good character in it.
Serra is my favorite because she is a blonde haired virgin with big tits
Seems about right, I am a man child & proud.


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What is it about Nadeko that makes her the patrician's choice?
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Angsty, horny and lewd.
Nothing, because she's not.
Best written girl.

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Happy birthday to the world's greatest idol!

Say it with me

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Happy birthday Nico, I love you and I am sorry.
I bought a Nico figure when I was in Japan and I haven't even seen Love Live. I can only hope she is as wonderful as I believe from the pictures/videos I've seen.

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she smug.jpg
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Only pure maidens allowed, funny how she ended pure as russian snow.
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legs 6.png
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Seen Enough.png
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Yeah, about that....
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Unironically this.

What kind of retarded scientist would wear pantyhose during the Summer, extremely hot, exhausting Summer in Tokyo?

Imagine the smell.
God Kurisu stinks bad with her lower half.
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That's why you are supposed to have a superior waifu.
So her boyfriend can sniff them.
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Yeah right, Suzu is the best

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Let's not kid ourselves, we all know the answer already, are other studios even trying?
All other studios are trash compared to them, especially Kyoani.
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For me it's Kyoto Animation, the best Japanese animation studio.
>brags about it instead of watching anime
When will Trigger realise pandering to the west will cause the things they love to be erased?
Tokugawa was right, sheep fuckers need to go and stay go.

>filler arc is better than the actual story
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>mememoneyman is a better arc, and its filler
That's not how you spell Waking the Dragons you little thing
Fuck no it wasn't. Filler arcs in DM were hot garbage that you only liked because you were a retarded child brainwashed into buying their shit.
File: G-8_Arc.png (236KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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I always thought G-8 was cannon and Foxy was the filler until I read the manga ... being between Water 7 and Skypiea , Foxy with the standard "we are gonna have some tournament shit that would have nothing to do with the main story" felt way more like filler than G-8. Foxy is easily the worst ark for me with only the final fight being somewhat memorable.

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