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Post your favorite genki girl.
You can say some nice things about her as well
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Chitanda isn't a genki girl, you fool
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>long black hair
>genki girl

We need more like her, you heard me Japan.
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What did my daughter see?
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the nico spamming retard in the catalog
the later arcs of the manga.
Her father's penis. And she liked it.

What does /a/ think of religious symbolism in anime, such as that of in Evangelion, Trigun, and D.Gray-Man? As in when is it too much or too little and is it better if it drives the plot or better from a metaphoric symbolism?

Personally I didn't care for how Evangelion used it; just seemed out of place at times and like they were trying to fit in as many terms as they could.

However, I liked Trigun's usage as it didn't feel like it was being crammed down my throat, but still was symbolic of the characters.

I really enjoyed how D.Gray-Man utilized symbolism into its plot and uses it to drive the story forward. It's part of the world build, not just part of the theme of the show.
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Ask again without retarded spacing.
>reddit spacing
who gives a shit. if it's cool it's cool
Most of it flies over dumb people's heads, it's only intrusive to people who like to analyze. In my opinion it's stylish and cool looking, and makes the scene more memorable.

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Is this the most racist moment in anime history?
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Sandniggers aren't a race, nigger.['spolier]
Japanese racism is funny because it comes from isolation and ignorance, rather than actual hatred.
That's an Indian.

I want to protect her
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Picked up.
Great to see she's not forgotten.
What ever happened to 45 min anime?

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Out of all the quirks we've seen, hers is truly the closest to Godliness.
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Best girl.
Some pics of her please?
>best quirk
>best body
>best everything
How can the other BnHA girls even compete?

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>tfw no qt racer waifu
why even live?
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>not wanting a racer bf
damn, this shit looks pretty gud in 60 fps
if only someone could make and upload the entire series in that quality, it would be gorgeous.

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This is Sinon. Her best friend just tried to rape her. Say something nice to her.
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Can you dual wield two sniper rifles?
Hey, at least he was polite.

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For the tomboy to win, what must she do?
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Lose all the charm of being a tomboy and just turn into a generic submissive slut
But anon, that defeats the purpose of the tomboy winning.

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Why did Yusuke have to be such an asshole in this scene?
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Yeah he should have sucked her dick
how was he an asshole

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I don't know, you tell me.
Ritsu: He's already that old and doesn't live on his own or work?
Yui: Sitting around doing nothing all day sounds fun!
Mugi: But that's so sad, I feel sorry for them.
Azusa: Lately Hikikomori and Neets have become a serious problem.
Mio: I hope none of us end up like that.
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Freud-sama, I need a diagnostic quick.

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Is there a possibility for a 4th season of Yuruyuri

Is it still popular enough
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Please no
1 season was more than enough

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Basically because of complucations I'm gonna have a few weeks without a job
Thought in order to keep myself occupied I'd get the DiU Blu Ray and add the Duwang translation as subtitles
Is someone already doing this? Would anybody want it to be made? Because if so my other idea was doing the entire series with dyslexia friendly subtitles
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Why? You'd have to improvise quite a bit
For a laugh, and also to keep myself busy until I can work again
You bring up a good point though, I could google translate the bits in between to keep the shoddyness consistent, and obviously a lot of shouting will be replaced with ABAJ!
I would enjoy this a great deal

>Kaoru fucking dies
>Finally a chance for Himura to undergo some real character growth
>Wait lmao nevermind she was just kidnapped and you thought it was her
What the fuck?
Why ruin such an excellent character moment with that bullshit?
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I do agree that she was supposed to die, but I swear, I have no Idea how they would continue from that point on-ward. There's no reason for him to live if Kaoru was killed because of him.
Because Tomoe died, if Kaoru dies too it would be repetitive
It's not that they she should have died, she absolutely shouldn't have.

They shouldn't have done the bullshit fake death in the first place.

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ITT: Insignificant things that you just realized about anime/manga

Bleach didn't have a tournament arc
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Goku uses "-sama" for all his mentors except for Kame-sennin contrary to his remaining students who all use the suffix for him. That's because Kame-sennin himself was the person who taught him to address people properly.
Soul Society was essentially a tournament arc since it was 90% fights with characters being developed during the fights
>Bleach didn't have a tournament arc
True, but it had a ladder match system. They used it multiple times. They mainly used the nemesis model for match ups thou.

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