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Who is the best lesbian this year and why is it this dragon who happens to be a maid cosplayer?
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I have just noticed this - can anyone explain it?
Because if there's one thing kyoani does right, it's lesbians.
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ywn a cute dragon girl licking your laundry

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This little asshole just tricked your waifu into becoming a magical girl. What do you do?
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Make use of the 2 week return policy.
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"Protect my waifu" while also protecting my real waifu. Hey Kyubey, you sure seem to hang out with Madoka a lot.
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But my waifu is already a magical girl.

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Do you still believe in yourself /a/?
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But what is the "self"?
How can I believe in something if everything I hear about it only confuses me further?
Why is TTGL aesthetics so cool?
It was good because gainax tried to emulate 70s-80s mecha anime style but now trigger is using the same style over any series and it's really tiring.

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>girl walks in on guy changing
>he gets embarrassed and beats her up
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I like how Digimon Frontier had Zoey see the guys changing and they kick her out of the room once they remember she's there.
>girl enters the boys onsen
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>shota charcter
>ara ara, milf-sama~ want to "play" with me?

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Find a flaw.

This is the most innovative battle shounen of the past 20 years.
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In what way? Not even trolling, just curious in what you find innovate in this series
Boring powers
Underdeveloped setting
Shit protagonist
Obnoxious fanbase
Author letting characters live because they're populars
Just wait few more years, it will turn to another Naruto or Bleach. It wont survive the pressure of being the next Jump's great battle shounen.

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What if both of them won?
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Then we wouldn't have Ichika.
They did. Orihime married Ichigo while Rukia married Renji.
I this is basically a Bleach waifu thread, but I gotta vent something -- about the main villain of Can't Fear Your Own World, Tokinada.

>"Yo, Kyoraku! Did I ever tell you that I sentenced Nanao's mother to death?"
>"Sup, fellow nobles! Everyone's favorite family killer, Tokinada, is in the house! Now lets get down to business about how I want to rule over all the realms!"

Why isn't anyone outright killing this man? He's not even keeping his sinister nature a secret. It's like he's walking around with the words "I'm a villain!" written on the back of his robes. Not to mention he is a complete douche. So far he has insulted Ukitake and Byakuya's wife, who are both DECEASED, with his appearances.

Has Aizen's crusade taught them nothing?

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Posting two more chapters from the Gyaru Anthology. We're slowly working on the rest, but obviously there's only so much time in the day
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What is the most shitty ass-pull you have seen on an anime?
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The entirety of Fairy tail desu, but the guild returning from that island years later was really something else.

After having watched 750+ shows/movies I've reached the conclusion that the only genre that pre 00 anime excels at are mecha and to some extend scifi. In every other genre they are completely outclassed by shows from the last 17 years. Hell, even in mecha they somewhat are since Fafner Exodus is hands-down the best mecha show to have ever been created, so the only reason pre 00 anime can compete in that genre are movies such as FSS, Macros DYRL, EoE and Akira (for scifi). While I prefer the older artstyle, I think we have to accep that anime has been at its peak for 17 years now.
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Urusei Yatsura is pretty good. I wouldn't say that the Slice of Life/Romance Comedy genre hasn't seen a better one, but still I can't get enough of that wacky premise, the shotmaking, and the music. Especially the music, I'm addicted to their OST.
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What's so good about Fafner Exodus compared to other mecha anime?

Is Japan trying to tell us something?
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do you feel something?
Lizardmen are actually pretty cool guys?
I want omuraisu

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Most anons on /a/ say anime dubs suck. I want to challenge that idea, I want to find Japanese voice acting that's terrible, any ideas?

>ITT: We discuss bad Japanese voice acting
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anons in general don't know what bad Japanese voice acting would be, myself included. They don't speak Japanese, so they can't tell. It'd be like asking them to point out a spelling error in a Japanese essay.
>I want to find Japanese voice acting that's terrible
Watch Nana Maru San Batsu
Legend has it the original GitS:SAC voice actors went back and re-did everything because the dub VAs blew them out of the water.

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Finally, someone published my autobiography.

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>Nanase has also written "Yūsha" ni Narenakatta Boku wa, Gacha de Hiita "Dōkeshi" de Saikyō o Mezasu (I could not become a "hero," so I aimed for the strongest "clown" gatcha), Mirai no Ban'nō Cheat Heiki de i Sekai Tensei Musō Harem~Aibō wa 5000-nen-go no Chōheiki~ (The future universal cheat weapon is the other world's reincarnated musō harem ~My partner is a super-weapon after 5,000 years~), Cheat de Saisho kara Level Max! Isekai de Saikyō no Buki "Dragon Killer" o Tsukurō! ~Counstop kara Hajimeru Dragon Hunter Seikatsu~ (Maximum level from the beginning with a cheat! Make the strongest weapon "Dragon Killer" in the different world! ~Dragon hunter life starting from Counstop~), and Suterareta Ningyo wa Mahō Tsukai no Deshi ni naru (An abandoned mermaid becomes a witch's disciple).

This is a joke, right?
who's the artist for the cover?

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Which Sunshine would you date?
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My wife: Yoshiko. Silly, anon

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Which one is 12?
JS>JC>JY>>>>anything else.

Can we talk about this for a second?
I have my favorite but I'm not gonna take sides here, I just want some well thought opinions.

Could anyone else but Gilgamesh defeated Iskandar in that Holy Grail?
Could any other hero that showed up in the series so far be able to defeat Iskandar?
Could Gilgamesh defeat Iskandar had he not both Ea and Enkidu's holy chains?
We all know Gilgamesh is pretty OP, but how OP is Iskandar? In the same way Gil has his treasures, how powerful Iskandar heroes compare?
I dont think this part was ever fully explained but as far as I know every soldier in Iskandar's army is supposed to be a servant.
How does that compare to Gilgamesh possession of thousands of noble phantasms?
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I can basically answer all your questions with one answer.

Summoning an army as a NP is pretty shit, simply because so many Noble Phantasms are able to wipe out an army in a heartbeat. Excalibur being one of them, but surely not the only one. Excalibur Galatine is supposed to be even better when it comes to destroying large groups of enemies.
>Could anyone else but Gilgamesh defeated Iskandar in that Holy Grail?
Did you watched with your ass? Iskander couldn't do a thing to Caster.
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Any Servant with an Anti-Fortress or Anti-Army NP could wreck his army.

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